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An illustration for a new condom released in America.
Character design
Dragon turtle
Thor cartoon
A baboon character created as a concept for an animation.
The baby ostrich sketch to join the baboon in his animation.
Pencil sketch design for Dark Ages
A "Meek", which was a monster for a RPG game called "Afterworld"
A player character Nomad for Afterworld.
A guide character for Afterworld.
A Female Stalker monster attacks a Renegade Overrider, with some Shadivian sand people coming to his rescue for the Afterworld RPG.
The cover of Afterworld, a male Stalker taking pride of place.
For Games Workshop.
A game character design.
A fantasy female giant
A big gun character design.
Birthday invite design.
Airbrush design done for Party Design.
Another airbrush design done for Party Design.
Princess frog design for an American company.
The shy version of the previous character.
A character design
A games character design which I later modeled, rigged and textured.
An Illustration for a comic character design.
Cyberpunk type illustration
Hero character design for a game.
Game character design.
T-shirt and gaming convention advertising illustration.
Page one illustration, children's book.
Page 5.
Page 7.
Main character design for a comic
Techno adept.
Main female character.
Pixi design character for comic.
Sitting Pixi design character for comic.
A set design for an animation, I later built and rendered it as can be seen in the modeling section of the portfolio.
Storyboard for an animation on how to brew beer, later made into a Flash animation.
Storyboard for a 3D animated advert.
Storyboard for a "Conserve Water" animation.
Page 1 Storyboard for a 3D animated advert.
Page 2 Storyboard for a 3D animated advert
Page 1 Storyboard for a 3D animated advert
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Illustration/Character Design/Storyboarding

Some illustrations for various projects.

Freelance, Full-time
Alan Steppe
3D Artist, Illustrator, Concept Artist. Hartbeespoort, South Africa