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Originally from Holland, Tijn is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Tallinn, Estonia. After studying graphic design in Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam Tijn completed his Bachelor´s degree in illustration in Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam, Holland. Tijn's commercial work focuses on the production and delivery of clear, uncluttered design with a visual style that is both informative and aesthetically pleasing. Working as an illustrator for a variety of clients, his approach concentrates on methods of effectively conveying information to a target audience. A cutting edge understanding of relevant technologies enables Tijn to operate across all media platforms. Tijn's personal work expresses characters and machines from a distorted perspective of reality. He works initially on hand drawn sketches, from which he constructs finalised, coloured graphics.


Diploma Grafisch vormgeven / MBO Diploma Illustratie / HBO

Experience & Education