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A clamp and bushing concept was pursued in lieu of early ideation involving permanent alteration to the bowl. The clamp would allow different bowl profiles to work with a single design, making the project more accessible and repeatable.
Details were refined to reference the iPhone form language. Width and corner dimensions were taken directly from the iPhone design to create a seamless transition between product and accessory.
The clamp initially consisted of a cap, felt bushing, and routed base with varying widths. After fabricating a prototype, the design was revised to be made from a single plank of 3/8" wood. This important revision made fabrication quicker and simpler, and resulted in a more refined aesthetic.
The resulting design can be made with basic woodshop tools and supplies at low cost using the project details published on the Instructables website.
Amplfier dock was recognized as a 2013 Core77 Design Awards Notable. See a video of Amplifier Dock in action at http://vimeo.com/61865721
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Amplifier Dock for Instructables.com

Amplifier Dock is a modern tech accessory designed for the DIY/maker generation. I designed, fabricated, and published this project as an Artist in Residence at Instructables in San Francisco, California (March 2013). This project was recognized as a 2013 Core77 Design Award Notable and was also published in the book "Souped Up: Do-It-Yourself Projects to Make Anything Better".

Timothy Wikander
Owner, Designer, Fabricator at MaterialMaterial Eden, MD