"Grip Grip" is a one step DIY project I created to solve a problem common with most mobile touch screen devices - the lack of a simple case that doesn't intrude on the objects intended design. After looking closer at how people actually hold mobile phones, I realized that a full "case" was not actually necessary. A simple band along the edge would provide the extra grip needed to prevent the common dropping scenarios. Looking for a material to mockup my idea, I found that a standard produce rubber band worked quite well.
Since the band design enhances the grip of the mobile device with whatever it comes into contact with, it also effectively helps prevents falls on flat surfaces when being leaned against other objects.
In July 2012 I was challenged by one of the editors at Instructables.com to enter the "Pocket Sized" contest. Inspired by library book pockets and denim jeans, I created and entered an object I called "Paper Pocket". Though I didn't take home a prize, the project was featured in articles by both Wired.com and AppartmentTherapy.com.

Coming from an Industrial Design background, I admire the resourcefulness and creativity found in the DIY/Maker movement. I often experiment with and publish my own DIY projects for the same reasons I design products - to create rich and meaningful experiences between people and the objects that occupy their lives.

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Timothy Wikander
Owner, Designer, Fabricator at MaterialMaterial Eden, MD