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Melicious - A digital Painting I did for my girlfriend. Pencil work on paper, scanned and painted in Photoshop. The background image is a stock photo of another artist's work and is not mine.
Cephlopod Spraypaint - This is a fun painting that I adapted from a piece I did for a life drawing class. The subject is my girlfriend Melissa again, and the piece shows her love of..well graffiti and squids. Original is pencil on Bristol board scanned and painted in Photoshop.
Thomas Benton Response - This is a contest entry I did for a competition at the New Britain Museum of American Art. The painting is a response to the native American portion of Thomas Hart Benton's Mural: "The Arts of Life in America" that currently resides here in New Britain. The piece deals with hardships that face Native Americans today. It is a fully digital photo montage pieced together from found art and stock photos. It won first place in the Digital media category.
Rising Sun - A desktop wallpaper I made for myself in Illustrator and Photoshop.
Hairy Beast - A great big Hairy Beast that sprung from my imagination one day. Pencil sketch painted in Photoshop.
Woman on Wood - A piece largely inspired by Audrey Kawasaki. After seeing her amazing work in Vol.6 of High Fructose magazine, I just had to do a similar piece. Pencil work on photograph mounted on mat board.
Painty Day - This is actually a compilation of 3 separate sketches that I painted and composted in photoshop. Judging by psycho-bunny's reaction that outfit is a bit scant to go out on the town in.
A Shocking Development - A cartoony mad scientist who has developed a shocking new gadget. This is an example of my cartoon style, as well as a taste of my love for everything Stem-Punk. Pencil colored in photoshop.
Life Drawing - 30 eccond life drawing that I chose to color at a later date. Pencil painted in photoshop.
Speed Demon - Just a fun doodle I did one day. This piece shows alot of my influence from Japanese manga. Pencil colored in photoshop.
Disgaea Ninja - The Ninja was my favorite class in the PS2 game, "Disgaea: Hour of Darkness" by Nippon Ichi. This is more or less a copy of the official portrait artwork by Takehito Harada. Full Digital Wacom in Painter 9.
Aparent Altercation - I wonder who he's so mad at. Pencil colored in photoshop.
Self Portrait - A stencil for a fun self portrait I painted. The final piece was life sized and now hangs outside my old room at my parents' house.
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Tom Marra
Graphic Artist / Web Developer Baton Rouge, LA