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Rolaids Ridiculous Relief - A magazine ad campaign whose premise was to promote Rolaids as a stress relieving product, while maintaining a humorous light. I chose to take a Geico style approach and create situations that make the viewer scratch their head and chuckle. Rolaids and their logo are property of their owner.
Coffee Break Packaging - Packaging design for 1 lb of coffee beans. The target market was young adults, and I just happened to have some experience working as a barista. The bloodbag concept developed from a particular customer I had who would frequently ask me to skip the cup and put the drink directly into an IV. My favorite part of this design is the instructions as told by the pictograms. Designed in Illustrator and composited in photoshop.
Game Artist Exhibition Posters - A set of three print works to advertise a fictional show at the MET. I chose to showcase some of my favorite Asian Game artists in the work. The promo pieces consist of billboard, poster, and bus poster designs. I illustrated the arcade cabinet in Illustrator, created the background splash in photoshop and laid each piece out in Indesign,all other artwork remains the property of its original creator.
CT Lottery Play 3/4 Logos - A set of 4 logos that I produced while working at Cashman+Katz. These logos have gone into production and now appear on lotto tickets and promotional material all over Connecticut.
Maximillions Promo Mug - The Mug was a one of a kind piece built for the Lottery Headquarters, to promote the upcoming scratch game "Maxamillions." The mug itself was giant! it was a prop from the TV commercial for the same game. The mug was on display in Lotto HQ in Rocky Hill CT for a few months.
Max-A-Millions Promo - A design I pitched during the concept stages of the Max-A-Millions ad campaign. It involved a butler terrorizing his boss because he had won the scratch game and could quit his terrible job. To help pitch my concept I created this cardboard stand-up. The idea was that he would be placed in convenience stores to advertise the scratch game.
CT Lottery Yankees Vs Boston Promo - A one of a kind promo piece for the CT Lottery headquarters. The client was looking for a way to show which scratch ticket was selling more. The natural solution was a baseball scoreboard, which was built to allow the workers at Lotto HQ to easily change the numbers by adding a die cut for each number and a recessed slot onto the back of the poster that allows them to slide in new sales numbers each week.
Frou Frou Spread - A two page article about the Band Frou Frou.
I incorporated elements from their album cover into the look and feel of the article. Frou Frou and the likeness of Immogen heap are property of their respective owners.
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Tom Marra
Graphic Artist / Web Developer Baton Rouge, LA