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A shoe that can be easily changed into a boot for all types of occasion

The inspiration evolved from human form & structure- the boards explain in more detail
The boot looked at ways of highlighting the feminine leg further by adding curvaceous lines & forms.

It also tried to change the look of boots by adding depth in layers as well as different techniques
Early ideas for the shoe/boot. The fundamentals of this concept involve nature & organics & how to base form & function through these inspirations.

The materials also are to come from these back grounds
Inner wall cut-away to help produce both visually & functional lighter shoe. Also helps give better shape & style
the red flowing lines can be seen underneth the 'skin' layer in a translucent level to add more detail into the shoe.
This page shows the renewable materials used in & around the shoe all of which use natural materials to the same high standards as used in current footwear
The red layer tries use the inspiration of the human form by acting as the capillary system found under the skin very similar to the footwear above. (The new Puma McQueen series also uses the human make-up as inspiration).

Using the veins in an abstract way they help add energy & organic diversity flowing around the boot
The side view shows the organic lines more clearly and adds more feminine shape
This view shows the curvaceous nature of the boot which is tight against the leg.

The clasp attaches both sides together which is based upon bone form & finish
The sole is placed only where it needs to be to help produce a lighter & more flexible piece of footwear
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Tom Matic
Footwear, Automotive, designer Manchester, United Kingdom