Wiens Solace Original Scratchboard - A scratchboard illustration done for Wiens Family Cellars, for a white wine called Solace. This was the first white wine label in their "Artist Series" (photos on bottle to come)
Solace Digital Wine Bottle Graphic - This is the product of taking the original scratchboard and combining it with digital color and graphics.
Wiens Solace 2009 - The final product. Scratchboard illustration collaged with digital graphics.
Wiens Domestique Original Scratchboard - Scratchboard and digital graphics and color combined to create the art for this red wine bottle.
Wiens Domestique Bottle Graphics - Scratchboard and digital graphics and color combined to create the art for this red wine bottle.
Wiens Domestique men's Shirt - Scratchboard wine bottle graphics used on a men's t-shirt.
Wiens Domeestique Womens Shirt - Wiens Domestique scratchboard art used on a women's t-shirt.
Chateau Grand Rouge - Original Scratch Board Illustration of the Wiens Cellars Building.
chateau Grand Rouge Final Label - The final design for Chateau Grand Rouge. The client wanted the label to look like an antique French wine label but using their building instead of a traditional Chateau.
Bottled Chateau Grand Rouge - Scratchboard illustration combined with graphics
Chateau Grand Rouge - I combined traditional vintage 1800's style typeography with a hand done scratchboard illustration of the Wiens Family Cellars building. This label is on one of Wien's most prized and expensive wines, Bordeaux - Chatau Grand Rouge.
Wiens Merrytage Original Scratchboard 1 - Illustration for concept #1 for Wiens Christmas label, Merrytage. Original black and white scratchboard.
Wiens Merrytage Label Design 1 - Wiens 2010 Christmas concept label design 1. Includes scratchboard illustration and digital collage.
Wiens Merrytage Label 2-Original Scratchboard - Original scratchboard illustration for the Wiens Family Cellars 2010 Christmas wine, Merrytage.
Wiens Merrytage Label Design 2-Final - Final label artwork for Wiens Family Cellars 2010 Merrytage, their Christmas wine. The artwork combines scratchboard and digital collage.
Wiens Merrytage 2008 - The final product. Scratchboard art combined with collaged graphics.
Wine Bottle Art
Tracy Mikesell
Freelance Graphic and Product Designer Irving, TX