DIGITAL MEAT MINCER - First time on the market was developed idea for digital control of motor temperature rising. Was create a unic system for visible monitoring of motor temperature and countdown timer displaing time of overheat protectio "off" mode.
PCB design, Software programming, UI design, sensors tuning, CAD/CAE tooling work.
ULTRA ERGONOMIC KETTLE - Main idea - create kettle handle with any direction takinkg possibilites (top, front, side, back). As a result - super convenient and safe handle with ultra noval view
EXPENSIVE APPEARANCE for cheap essential - Customer requirement: make a expencive outlook design for ordinary average oven. Rich looks design, materials, surfaces, inner light, UI concept, display functions etc.
Also one of target: nobody can't make quick and cheap copy of this design.
As a result:
- old oven design cost - 60USD
- retail margin 200%
- profit range 100% per year

- new design cost - 110USD
- retail margin 400%
- profit range 1000% per year
HUMIDIFIER REDESIGN - Most easy and cheap work - redesign existing machine. All internal structure are keep without changes. Cost of new machine also don't change
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