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3D Generative Graphics

As a designer who often visualizes objects and ideas from a plan or section view, it was quite a leap to discover the potential of developing 2D graphics in 3D virtual space. Perhaps I have become overly captivated by the CAD environment and the process of designing on the computer, but I can also see that it remains a relatively untapped resource in terms of generating very complex graphics, color forms, and patterns. Moving forward, I can begin to sense that my projects will soon become limited by existing software, so in the future I intend to become more involved in the creation of my own generative tools.
I view the development of my own digital tools as akin to a woodworker who creates his/her own custom blade for a hand
plane, or a painter modifying an existing implement to put paint onto a canvas in new and innovative ways.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Tyson Atwell
Designer & Creative Professional Cortez, CO