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Bugatti Veyron - 3D model is downloaded from internet. I prepared materials, environment and lights at Rhino and rendered using VRay.
(Render at top and middle, and the photo inspired by at the bottom)
Do not touch! - Save the Earth -
Modelled and rendered in Rhino + Vray, finished with Photoshop.
Beetle on the Street - All 3D models are downloaded from internet. Mappings, material assignments and illumination are done by me. Final image is manipulated with Photoshop for a more realistic effect.
Porsche GT3 - Model and HDRI is downloaded from internet.
Material assignment, rendering and post-render processing at Photoshop are done by me.
Bus stop design for Erzurum (group project) - This was a 3rd year group project at METU ID. Aim was to design a bus stop for a city, where the city was Erzurum for our group. Although the project was done in 2007, this image was rendered in March 2011.
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Freelance, Full-time
Ufuk Bircan Özkan
Industrial Designer Bursa, Turkey