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banner 12 - vanessa cuthbert - I was shocked to read about the exposure of sea birds to the dangers of plastic pollution. Many birds are confused by plastic waste and feed it to their young chicks mistaking it for food. The plastic enters the ocean during manufacture or shipment, or from the at sea dumping of garbage by merchant or fishing boats, and is moved around in the ocean by currents and winds.
banner 3 - vanessa cuthbert/mary taylor - The UK bee population has crashed over the last few years due to changes in agricultural practices, the effect of the varroa parasite, and the appalling weather over the last two years. It is vital that bees are nurtured and the number of colonies increased in the UK. British beekeepers are alarmed at the rapid decline of the honeybee population. They are calling on the government to help fund much needed research. They claim the world's food supply is at risk.
banner 7- linda hughes - For this project I thought trade union type banner would be ideal, and in my research found out that the Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity Friendly Society was founded in 1810, a mutual society to protect tradesmen, and a precursor to the trade union movement. A hand with a heart inside it is one of their symbols. I combined this with some universal desires of people - health, education, and justice. I pictured these needs as a flaming comet across the sky.
banner 6 - andrew baker - This image is a celebration of planting in spring. I was inspired by Abram Gaines and the World War Two Dig for Victory campaign.It continues the theme of my Shed Show, which explores the idea of personal utopias in a domestic setting. The phrase for those about to dig is pulled from a letter in support of the Diggers of 1649.
banner 2 - vanessa cuthbert/olga kenyon - Due to the changes in climate, pollution, and bad planning, some of the largest and well-known rivers in the world are currently at risk of drying up. It has been reported that indifference towards these rivers might lead to a "fresh water emergency."
This banner was inspired by the poem Our River by writer Olga Kenyon, and was inspired by the work of Arundati Roy, who is working to help the poorest in India. Olga is a close friend, ordained Buddhist, and long time activist
banner 8 - ian whadcock - The Banner was derived from reading press reports of the third UN World Water Development Report in March 2009. Water is linked to the crises of climate change, energy and food supplies and prices, and troubled financial markets...Unless their links with water are addressed and water crises around the world are resolved, these other crises may intensify and local water crises may worsen, converging into a global water crisis and leading to political insecurity at various levels
banner 5 - john goodwin - The printer John Goodwin recycles paper everyday by using it to absorb excess ink from a Heidelberg Press. Over time he has collected volumes of discarded pieces that once contained messages, pictures and words from the Art School.
banner - 9 tom bingham - The world is becoming increasingly tarnished and trashed by the way we have abused it so far. Three million people are killed annually worldwide by outdoor air pollution from vehicles and industrial emissions alone.
My illustration is a response to these concerns and the measures we may all have to take if the human race is to survive in the future.

banner 10 - claire thomas - Sharks are one of the most endangered animals on the planet. Yet, unlike other endangered animals, we have few laws currently protecting shark fishing and those that are in place have little monitoring or management. Hundreds of thousands of sharks are killed each year. Sharks as predators keep the oceans eco-system in balance. If sharks become extinct, it could have detrimental effect on our own oxygen supply by disturbing the balance of the ocean.
banner 11 - erica wright - Deep at the hub of the neural network is the Neuraxis, which Leonardo da Vinci described as the Senso Comune, the place where the senses and the mind meet. The stimulated Neuraxis generates patterns, including the visual Entoptic patterns used in this banner. The Love Life word set recalls the rhythmic sound of the heartbeat, of the aural and kinetic Neuraxial patterns offering a wish to the universe, carried by the wind, for love and respect of all life.
banner 13 - ian mcculough - We can all be refugees.
Sometimes it only takes a day,
Sometimes it only takes a handshake,
Or a paper that is signed.
We all came from refugees
Nobody simply just appeared,
Nobody's here without a struggle,
And why should we live in fear
Of the weather or the troubles?
We all came here from somewhere.

Benjamin Zephaniah
banner 15 - vanessa cuthbert - For this banner I wanted to recycle some of my own images by spinning them through a traditional printing process several times, laying down thin layers of ink over a sequence of unrelated pages. The paper here is used over and over, and layers are built up gradually. The element of chance creates accidental narratives that occur on the page where layers of text and images collide.
banner 14 - john hyatt - The image of the planet as a globe suggests the merry-go-round. But this is opened out - a merry-go-round with one flying racehorse circling round and round. We have one planet, we ride one inter-continental flying horse, there is only one race and it is a circuit. The rider is blue to refer, for those with art historical knowledge, to Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) group of Expressionists, 1911-14, which included Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc.
banner 1 - vanessa cuthbert - Over the past 50 years, the population of Antarctic emperor penguins has declined by fifty percent. Warmer air and sea surface temperatures in the Antarctic reduce the amount of ice in the sea. This, in turn, leads to smaller populations of krill, a shrimp-like crustacean that is a staple of the emperor penguin's diet. With less food to eat, emperor penguins die.
banner 4 - charley peters - Bee pollination is responsible for over one third of all the food people eat. But in the last 50 years the honeybee population, which we depend on for pollination, has declined by about 50 percent. The numbers of bees worldwide continues to decrease each year, and as there is no consensus on why this is the case, there is little hope of a reversal in this trend.
banner 16 - vanessa cuthbert - This banner is inspired by a Buddhist meditation the Metta Bhavana, which is a practice in the cultivation of loving-kindness. Through meditation, Buddhists focus on the wellness of all beings. The banner takes a positive position rather than a negative one; but is also mindful of people around the world who are suffering. Particularly, of the suffering that arises from lack of freedom. The image of the sky is a universal symbol, and denotes freedom, limitless potential, and hope.
banner 18 - vanessa cuthbert/vidyamala burch - The main text on this banner is poetic and empowering and reflects the thoughts of mindfulness trainer Vidyamala Burch. Her inspirational work with Breathworks, has helped vast numbers of individuals who suffer with pain. Vidyamala takes inspiration from the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, and the Dharmmapada, one of the oldest Buddhist texts. Through the cultivation of awareness, wisdom and compassion arise.
banner 17 - neil grant - The interaction between people and material that shapes so much or our world is signified is these found used protective work gloves. They are evidence of our need to work, to make, to remodel our environment in a way that gives us worth. There is, it is said a dignity in labour, a moral reward for honest effort that is increasingly undervalued.
banner 19- (tinman)vanessa cuthbert - This banner refers to the fact that 80% of a mobile phone can be reused...This process prevents mobile phone manufacturers from extracting new materials, and allows them to use the resources already available to them. Most household items can now be recycled. For example a recycled aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television for three hours. Recycled cans can help make cars, planes, fridges, other metal products, and phones.
title banner 20 - vanessa cuthbert - This is the beginning of a traveling exhibition. Each host will add more banners to this collection. The exhibition will reflect a wide range of cultural, social and political differences on their journey. The banners will change and be weathered, or subject to graffiti. This will reflect the impermanent and ever changing conditions that we are all subject to.
Vanessa Cuthbert
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