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"Gladelings" screenshot. UI and Illustration
"Gladelings" screenshot. UI and Illustration
Pignet. Main Concept for overall look.
Pignet. Blocking main UI concept
Pignet. Pop-up Design
"Ponder" Game. UX
"Ponder" Game. UX
At this point I need to tell a bit about the game itself. There is a creature who collect gems, colds and some other stuff. So to make it better and to be able to fight the enemies he needs a strong features, like furry patch, ears, braids etc. So, that what the trainers do. They develop its' features. It was my project, to make concept for trainers. This one develops furry patch.
This is initial sketch.
And this is the vector version, ready to be integrated into the game.
This is the other example of the trainer I designed. This one develops braids and works on a juice :)
And yet another concept sketch for trainer. This one is koala simply hanging on Cladeling's braids.
And this is the final version of this trainer. It also works on juice, I guess we had it in blue as well :) Of course the blue one is more expensive : )
The other project I was responsible for was a decorations. This is a small part of decorations I designed. Some of them are static, some animated or/and interactive.
Obviously the light supposes to glow, the water supposes to run, and all musical instruments suppose to make a sound.
And this is another portion of decorations in Ancient Babylonian-Egyptian style.
And here few accessories in a same style.
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Imba Games

Various projects I made for "Imba Games". It was a very creative start-up and we were a small team so my position included a variety of roles. From Concept Artist and Illustrator to UI/UX Designer.

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Vladimir Pavlenko
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