Advanced Surfacing & design for iPad knee-board for Aviation and pilot navigation: Aviator Sport Case Knee-board is a plastic case that mounts with an ingenious rotating snap-coupler. Knee-board Folio is a leather case with a rotating plastic frame internally. I executed the advanced surfacing by building CAD model iPads (reg. & mini) using the apple released drawings and referencing existing plastic case dimensions.
MyGoFlight iPad Aviator Knee-boards

"The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ is the perfect aviation kneeboard, mount and everyday case for the iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air or iPad mini. It is designed for the pilot looking to secure their iPad on either leg, who needs the minimal case, but still wants a very secure fit, or for the pilot who wants to mount the iPad to the flight deck. In black, smooth polycarbonate, the Sport™ adds protection and great feel to the iPad. The iPad Kneeboard Sport™ was designed to work in aircraft where space is tight or where there is a cyclic, or control stick being used between the legs. It is perfect for pilots of helicopters, sport aircraft, and when there is tight yoke clearance or when mounting is desired."

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Allen Wilson
Industrial Designer in Research, Development and Design @ Blue Marble Medford, OR