Our rings rendered - She was impatient for a proposal, until she saw these. I designed them in Rhino and had them printed in Accura Amethyst then investment cast. I had them manufactured by an [EDM] machinists, and jeweler. oxidized Zirconium and White Gold wedding rings They are a hit!
new sketch pad
book cover from license plate (from our honeymoon)
Mp3 Biking gloves - Human interaction project
Mp3 - early school work
Park Pal - Early school work A concept for a collapsible park table and seats. Roto-molded detachable legs snap into the bottom center of the table. The seats fold up like part-favors and slide within the table from each side.
Vacuum formed birdhouse - early school work Vacuum formed birdhouse
Skitch round 1 - early school project A sort of hands-free-Segway-unicycle. Basically, there are 2 hub motors at center wheel. It is self-balancing by accelerating faster the further you lean forward. Unlike a Segway, your hands are free AND you can lean into turns. The wheels travel up and down the center post independently using elastomer "bands".
comfort garden tools - cutlery inspired
Self-Service Checkout - Half Circle Belt feature Accessible Adjustable Height Convenient Interface Centralized Interaction and much more
Freelance, Moonlighting
Allen Wilson
Industrial Designer in Research, Development and Design @ Blue Marble Medford, OR