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Mission Control - A Mini-Mission Control I built for Cahners Computer Place. At this station, visitors can control the Mars Rover model that is in a Mars Landscape on the other side of the pole (see that entry). The Rover and Mission Control are on opposite sides of the pole so that the visitors get a feeling for what it's like to control a machine that they cannot directly see, just as the people at JPL must.

Get the whole story at my website.
Mission Control Drawing - This is the design drawing for Mission Control.
Mars Rover Yard - This is the Rover Yard I built to go along with Mission Control. In it, you can see the miniature Mars Rover that is controlled from Mission Control. The landscape you see in the background is an actual Mars horizon. I mounted it on ½ white Plexi and lit it from behind. The effect is quite good.
Robot Park Sign - This is a sign I built for an interactive exhibit in Cahners Computer Place. When activated, the "Os" in Robot will rotate, the "P" and "R" in Park will rock back and forth, and the other letters will flash on and off. To see a video of this gizmo at work, go to www.machinadesigns.com.
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Cahners Computer Place

A “Discovery Space” at the Museum of Science, Boston. I spent six years designing and building displays for this area.

Bill Rogers
Exhibits Designer, Technical Designer Baltimore, MD