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Craft Room, wide view. - Here is a wide view of the right side of the craft room. I chose raw Baltic birch edges stained in honey oak, "English Lace" laminate, and brushed nickel fittings. If you can believe it, the color for the walls is "Jekyll Crane Cottage Green".
Built in light table. - There is an extra outlet because it is against the laws of physics to have too many outlets. It's simply not possible.
Sacrificial working surface. - Frequently it is the case that one must pound, scrape, and cut when doing crafts. Rather than ruining a finished surface, I provided this area in the counter so that Jenny could craft with wild abandon. When the surface becomes worn, it can be removed and cheaply replaced.
Replaceable Inset - Just lift, toss, and replace. It is easy to use the old inset as a template to make the new one.
Main work area. - This area has an adjustable spotlight and a convenient outlet. (Did I mention that it's impossible to have too many outlets in a craft room?)
Desk Area - Here is the other side of the craft room. The desk area is attached directly to the music cabinet, which was custom built to hold Jenny's stereo, turntable, CDs, and records. What's a craft room without tunes?
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Craft Room for Jenny

Here are pictures of the craft room I designed and constructed for my wife and best friend, Jenny.

Bill Rogers
Exhibits Designer, Technical Designer Baltimore, MD