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Interactive Aquarium - I was given a closet to design and construct a display so that researchers could study the way infants and toddlers perceive cause and effect. In this exhibit, the seahorses will dance or the seaweed will wave or the fish will spin, depending on which large button is pressed. To occupy the rest of the provided cubby, I enclosed the space above the display in blue Plexiglas, suspended fish from the ceiling, and built a wave effect device to make the entire area appear to be under water.

Please see my website for a more detailed description.
SS Discovery - I designed and built this little boat "The SS Discovery" so that the Discovery Center would have a place to display marine samples from the museum's collection. The boat is sized for small learners and is complete with a steering wheel, railed gunwales, and a Plexiglas "sea" for collections display.

For a more detailed description, please visit my website.
Yellow Submarine - I designed and constructed this display to 1) provide a splash wall for the Infant Area, and 2) to provide a place to display several pictures that illustrate the way an infant's vision changes over time.

For a more detailed description, please visit my website.

Geology Hut - Working from another designer's drawings, I constructed this pint-sized Geology Field Hut. (This picture was taken from the upper level of the Discovery Center.) It has a display for mineral samples, geologic drawings, various mineral testers, and a microscope.

For a more detailed description, please visit my website.
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Bill Rogers
Exhibits Designer, Technical Designer Baltimore, MD