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Emily's Thesis Show, wide view. - After moving to DC, I got a call from my friend Emily Roose in Boston. She needed a hand setting up her thesis show, so I got on a plane and we improvised a show in her allotted space. Here is the wide view.
Simulated cross-stitching. - Since Emily's thesis involved extensive cross-stitching, we decided to use pegboard and brightly colored nylon rope to simulate cross-stitching on a large scale. Once we made the panels, I mounted them on the columns with 2 x 2 stock to create a standoff effect.
Video Loop - In the first standoff information panel, we used an iPad to run a video loop. I simply used the pegboard holes as a guide and cut the hole with a jigsaw. Then I made a holder for the iPad with paint stirrers that were leftover from the painting. Normally, I would make a cleaner hole than the one you see here, but we were working on the fly with limited resources.
Thesis Works and Information Panels - I had to attach the actual cross-stitch works and the information panels to the hanging doors that you see here. Attaching things to doors that are free to swing about is no mean feat. I decided that the information panels needed to be mounted at an angle so that they could be more easily read. I mounted an angled frame to the doors with screws and then used double-sided tape to attach the panels to the frames.
Bill at Work - See! I was actually there!
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Emily Thesis Show

Emily's Thesis Show

Bill Rogers
Exhibits Designer, Technical Designer Baltimore, MD