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This is a picture of the armature I built, before the scarves were added
This is a long view of the gallery with Francie’s piece at the end of the space. A beautiful project.
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Francie's Project

A local artist had a project wherein many scarves would be wound into a large circle. The problem is that such a configuration would be structurally weak, and the scarves would sag, distorting the intended circle. Further, the artist needed to transport the piece from gallery to gallery, and she did not want to redo the winding after each show. I cut a 4-foot wide circle from a piece of ply wood. I cut 4-inch strips of 1/8-inch plexi and screwed them to the plywood backing (using l-brackets) around the circle at the 2-ft, 3-ft, and 4-ft radii. We added some Velcro to the back and the strips of plexi. Then the scarves were wound around a center post, spiraling outward to fill the entire structure.

Bill Rogers
Exhibits Designer, Technical Designer Baltimore, MD