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This is a wider view of the installation. It’s a beautiful display.
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Lisa's Project

A local artist had made beautiful strips of home-made paper bearing the signatures of various people. She needed a way to attach these pieces to a gallery wall so that the fasteners would not be seen. We worked together and developed the following system: The artist made paper loops on the back of each piece. I took three strips of museum board. I cut two holes in one of them. I put small magnets in the strips with the holes and used the other strips to form a sandwich so that the magnets were held in place. We placed these 6-inch-long paper sandwiches through the loops on the back of each signature piece. I attached small steel strips to the walls at the desired locations. Then it was a simple matter to place each signature strip over the appropriate steel strip so that it was held in place with no hint of visible fasteners.

Bill Rogers
Exhibits Designer, Technical Designer Baltimore, MD