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Power Supply - I love simple, single-function gadgets. I built this box to do precisely one thing: provide a variable voltage. I went for a simple look - wood housing, analog meter, one knob.
Motor Controller - I frequently need to hook up a motor to two control buttons (back and forth; up and down; etc.). I got tired of wiring this simple circuit over and over, so I made a permanent little box to do the job. Like the power supply in the previous entry (which this box is made to match, btw), this is a simple little gizmo. It provides a connection for an input voltage, a connection for the motor leads, and two buttons. Turns out this controller was one of the biggest time savers I ever built.
Opera Glasses Case - I bought Jenny a pair of opera classes because 1) we actually go to the symphony from time to time and 2) I think they are cool. The case they came in was damaged, so I made this little holder for them.
Opera Glasses Case: An Alternative View. - Another view of the case.
Stereo Shelf - The shelving unit I built for my stereo and records. Straight forward design: Baltic birch with quarter-rounded edges. I built a platform (between the turntable and the amplifier) to hold the pre-amplifier and record-cleaning supplies. This unit was designed for 600 albums and is nearly at capacity. And, in case you were wondering, yes: that TT is my favorite inanimate object in the whole world.
Stereo Shelf: Another View
Mondrian Mouse House - A friend of mine wanted a cage for his hamsters, but not just any ol' cage. So I designed the Mondrian Mouse House. Sadly, I had to move from Boston before I got a chance to build it. Coming soon?
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Bill Rogers
Exhibits Designer, Technical Designer Baltimore, MD