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Switch - I had to make a three-position switch for an exhibit. As anyone in the business knows, off-the-shelf switches are simply not up to the task of surviving the public's abuse. I machined this switch from scratch. You can see the spring-loaded lever that provides a strong detent. Each of the roller limit switches engages a specified voltage through a normally closed contact.
Switch with circuitry in place. - Here is the switch with the circuitry in place. On the right, you see the three voltage regulators which provide 3, 6, or 9 volts depending on the position of the switch. On the left is an inrush current protector I designed.
Logic Circuit - One of my exhibits lit a model skyline (of Boston) when a certain combination of switches was engaged during an activity in which the visitor is asked to choose among various power sources. The circuit you see here is the logic circuit that performs that function. (Keep in mind that this is just a prototype circuit. The real circuitry is much neater, of course.)
Fly Cam! - One of my exhibits housed actual, living fruit flies. Since fruit flies are tiny, we decided to put a magnifying camera in the fruit fly environment. This tiny camera sent a picture to a monitor in the display. To control the camera, and therefore allow the visitor to search the fruit fly habitat for particular flies, I made a two-axis machine to move the camera about. This is the mechanism.
Fly Cam! 2 - This is another picture of the mechanism. The camera can be seen at the end of the boom. (Look for the red wires.) The control panel is visible next to the mechanism. Of course, when the exhibit was finished, the mechanism you see here was behind the scenes and only the four-button control panel was visible to the visitor.
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Technical Design

These projects represent the more technical aspects of my designs.

Bill Rogers
Exhibits Designer, Technical Designer Baltimore, MD