I'm an award winning Production Designer having just created Rockstar Games' LA Noire. Sets, Locations, Costumes and Props is my thing. Now at George Miller's (Mad Max, Happy Feet) production company, creating secret stuff. Started as an Industrial Designer, crossed into films, worked on "The Phantom Menace", "Bond", "Thunderbirds" and others that didn't make it. Finally settled in games with Sony Europe (PlayStation) as the Production Designer on "The Getaway" series.


Tribeca Film Festival: Official Selection (LA Noire) 8 BAFTA Nominations incl. 'Artistic Achievement' (LA Noire) The APDG Award for Excellence in Stage and Screen Design in Video Games: LA Noire Keynote Presentations: Siggraph (Sydney) 2012 'Good Design' London Design Museum 2011 'Creative Thought' Creative Sydney 2011 'Playing Games' AFTRS/APDG 2011 'Creating LA Noire' BAFTA Interview 2012 'Creating LA Noire'


Australian Production Design Guild, Sydney ACM Siggraph

Experience & Education