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G.H. Cretors

With over a 130 year history of providing all natural, handcrafted gourmet popcorn and being the original inventor of the popcorn machine and wagon they needed help elevating their brand. G.H. Cretors wanted to maintain it's authentic brand values while transforming into a truly engaging experience.

I developed a solution that enriches the brand's heritage by infusing tradition with a contemporary look and feel while creating an iconic playful element through the use of photography. Inspired by Great Grandpa Cretors’ popcorn wagon, the new design integrates ornate borders and elements inspired from the wagon canopy. From primary brand identity to packaging G.H. Cretors creates a passion for popcorn.

Since the initial launch in only the Chicago market, G.H. Cretors has gained instant traction in retailers like Whole Foods and now can be found nationwide.

Agency: Equator

Freelance, Full-time
Nicholas Wright
Design & Direction New York, NY