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Shall We Dance - A Retro theme
Hanami - Hanami ( lit. flower viewing) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, " flower" in this case almost always meaning cherry blossoms (sakura), or ume blossoms (ume)
1943 - There will come a day...
Inspired by JJ Lin's song
Rise of the monkey - Mosaic Monkey Series
MM:Chapter 1
"Rise of the monkey"
Shanghai Bun - ~Shanghai vintage poster~
Shanghai bun . Sweetness in my heart
The Journey - Mosaic Monkey : The Journey
Mosaic Monkey The journey was selected and invited to take part in the exhibition of 115 Digital Art Gallery, Art: Part Two" Collection in the center of Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, on February 22nd 2007
War - War theme...
LadyKiller - Done with flash.

Lonely angel - *Loneliness know my name* (jap caption)

"Ice crystals form from flakes of heaven
Fall down weightless to the earth
To them it's worth the falling
Through atmospheres a-dawning
And open arms a-calling
To collect and protect all the raining
Insane from above
The lonely angel dust
The only angel does¡­(by LAURA VEIRS)"
DreamSeeker - I been a "dreamseeker" in this city since 2004 . Still seeking
Fixing a broken heart - Inspired by this song:

" You really know where to start
Fixing a broken heart
You really know what to do
Your emotional tools can cure any fool
Whose dreams have broken apart
Fixing a broken heart" ( by Indecent Obsession)
Kungfu Chick - "Everybody Kungfu fighting"
Shanghai bun 2 - Shanghai vintage poster 2~ Shanghai bun .
Sweetness in my heart

Healthy and longevity guarantee
* Bat in chinese symbols represent longevity
Koi - The fish and the lotus flowers in this illustration mean abundance year after year.

The illustration will be projected on the building of People Park Centre and Hotel 81in Chinatown, Singapore from 27th Jan to 17th feb , 7pm- 12am. Read here for http://mi50.blogspot.com/2007/01/year-of-pig.html
Year Of the Pig - Blooming flower greet fortune.

The illustration will be projected on the building of People Park Centre and Hotel 81in Chinatown, Singapore from 27th Jan to 17th feb , 7pm- 12am. Read here for http://mi50.blogspot.com/2007/01/year-of-pig.html
Chinese New Year Illustration - Illustrations for CNY Lights up event at Chinatown , Singapore ( Hotel 81 and People Park Complex ). Illustrations will be projected on the building from 27th Jan to 17th feb , 7pm- 12am (daily)
Tiger Gold - Submission for Tiger Beer theme " Gold"

Gold is synonymous with wealth , longevity , achievement and aspiration and in asia , and the tiger is always depicted as an equal rival towards the Chinese dragon. It's also regarded as the king of the jungle because of the marking on it forehead which resembles the Chinese character ¤ý, which means "king".
Destrjoy - New heavenly cyborg (alpha )

In a great big heap, call out "Destroy!"

Destroy! Destroy Destroy, Destroy, Destroy, Destroy, Destroy, Destroy, Destroy!!!!

Yes! Destroy Mosaic Monkey..
1 Litre of Tears - http://mi50.blogspot.com/2007/09/1-litre-of-tears.html#links
Destroy II - Mobile Kong Zeta VS New Heavenly Cyborg (alpha ), the ultimate fight ....
King Octopus - "Serving your table since 19XX "

Empire of the sun - Inspired by movie , Empire of the Sun and an entry to a contest " Its good to be alive"
Panda Revolution II - Panda Revolution II
~ Space mission
Inspired by Soviet Union's old poster.

XXI The Universe - In the Thoth tarot deck , The World (XXI) card is known as XXI: The Universe represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool.....

Submission for IDN Universe contest
Rising dragons - This is the 2nd design for " Chinese New Year Lights Up" event held in Chinatown , Singapore.
SAVE THE PANDA! SAVE THE WORLD! - Rev.panda is just another victim of art theft , you might be next....

"Protect your artworks from Sneaking B*stard today before they took it as their own"

Inspired by Artwork in Heroes by Tim sale
Panda Revolution III - Inspired by the Chinese Cultural Revolution era and the "Flags of our Fathers" .
Panda Revolution IV - Inspired by the Chinese Cultural Revolution era and with mixture of some graffiti elements
Shogun Cat - Neko waka maru . Ancestor of Nine Swords Cat & urban cat.........

His a Shogun ( a General in military rank and historical title in Japan ) during the Heian period and had fought in many wars..

Done in a Ukiyo-e style.
Snow Queen - One of Andersen's longest tales

Snow Queen, who travels throughout the world with the snow.

Kintaro - Kintaro ( often translated as "Golden Boy" ) is a folk hero from Japanese folklore. A child of superhuman strength, he was active and indefatigable, plump and ruddy, wearing only a bib with the Chinese character for "gold" .

Several tales tell of Kintaro's adventures, fighting monsters and demons, beating bears in sumo wrestling, and battling a giant carp. Here's a bloody version of the carp being slaughtered into half. haha.
Panda Revolution V - The Panda's Ride

Inspired by the famous painting "Napoleon Crossing the Alps"

Fairy tail - Do fairy has tail ?
The Big Catch - Inspired by the story of Kintaro or "the Golden Boy" battling a giant carp.

Perhaps Legend didn't mentioned that Kintaro was actually a cat and he was battling a carp with a "kabuki" make up. :p

Colorful life - Give yourself some colors in life. :D

Create life - "Create something out of nothing"

Pretty much the same concept as the "magix paintbrush" of bringing things to life.

Gone with the wind - Invited to participate in an Animé book project "a day in the Life of Neo New York" by Freestyle collective, and IdN .

In the future, the world we used to know had already gone with the wind and different from what we see today. Humans have caused Great illness to the Mother Earth, making the world a desolate place.
Panda Revolution VI - Inspired by the Chinese Cultural Revolution era. :D

Let me know if you like it as a tee design. Do give your feedback here...

For details of illustration :
BUSHI GAKKI - Legend tells of Young brave "Bushi" who fought against the "King of Tiger" in the blossom "Sakura valley".

* Inspired from the story of "Wu song" ,a hero in the "Water Margin", famous for his slaying of a tiger with bare hands.

Illustration made for a exhibition of the launching of toy of the same name in Taiwan.

Click for more info
Ukiyo E card - 3 weeks from now , We will be celebrating Chinese New Year.

I always thought it will cool to receive a UkiyoE kind of New Year card or Ecard. At least something different from the usual type( or maybe it's just me) ... :D

i know its a bit too early but still i want to wish you
"Abundance year after year" in advance.
A Star is born - Inspired by the movie of the same title , of course a different type of star. hehe .
Beside that , this was also inspired by the song of same title ,Roy Lichtenstein, vintage advertisement , works , illos & so on...

The Big Appetite - This is a sequel of The big catch.

After having a big feast from the big fish he caught. Nothing had seemed to satisfy Nekotaro as his stomach is now as big as the universe.

Until one day, he came across a few koinobori(s) and ... he felt that finally he found something that can satisfied his need.
Fight at Gojo bridge EX - This illustration is inspired by Japanese folktales , the fight between Ushiwaka & Benkei at GojoBridge in Kyoto .

I had changed it to a guitar fight and replaced Benkei with Gene Simmons.
( from Rock Band, KISS).

" A fight to become the NO.1 Guitarist." :lol:
Taming of the wolf - Adapted from The Red riding hood. :D

Monster of the year - This is a collabration with saltyshadow based on the Chinese mythology of the monster "Nian"
Hot Bugs
Panda Revolution VII - Panda-ism will live!
Inspired by the Russian Propaganda Poster. ^_^
Check link for more : http://mi50.blogspot.com/2009/09/panda-revolution-vii.html#links
Pantoo 2 - Panda X Tattoo

This is the 2nd Tattoo design i created for a freelance project. Well~ Its didn't really get rejected but almost there , only 20 percent of the tattoo is shown in the drawing...
Cattoo - Cat X Tattoo

This is the 3rd tattoo design for a freelance project that got rejected as well because.....hmmm....no ideas.

I have created a total of 4 designs and only the last one got approved. By the way, all this tattoo(s) are meant to decorate the illustration so not really the main focus.

*The name for this neko is from Shaman King.
Art of Beauty - A project i did for the brochures for Ikeda Spa.
Art of Beauty 2 - A project i did for the brochures for Ikeda Spa.
Hunting Season - Illustration created for Uberbooks's Designers Games ReMiX book based on my favorite game from the 80s "Super Mario Bros" and inspired by Capcom latest game " Monster hunter."

http://mi50.blogspot.com/2010/08/hunting-season-pre-order.html#links <--Poster for sale
Panda Revolution VIII - "Fly me to the moon"

Inspired by Soviet Union's propaganda poster.
Panda Revolution IX - Inspired by Soviet Union's Propaganda poster
Year of Rabbit - This is not your usual kind of greeting card.
( ^ q ^!) ~ giggle*

The fat baby boy is grabbing the breath ( Tu Qi Yang Mei) and blood out of the rabbit , its a good symbol so he thought. haa.
Hero's Lullaby - First illustration of 80's warrior's record is inspired by The Legend of Zelda created in 1986 by Japanese game designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka for Nintendo (NES).

...Here's my version of Link on his final journey of saving princess from Ganon in Death Mountain.

Like what the folks said,
"Save the Princess, Save the World!"
Bad flu - This design is inspired from the famous sneezing panda video.
Rise rise rising sun - Rise! Rise! Rising Sun!

An artwork i made for Japan. Be strong and rise again, rising sun!
Panda Revolution EXTRA - Panda Revolution EXTRA
~~I want you to join the Revolution~~

I guess everyone know where this is inspired from....

Join me at http://www.facebook.com/pages/xiaobaosg/147232050752"
Nihonsei - Things and icon of Japan. The title mean “Made in Japan.”
Print available now.
Big Trouble in Little Japan - Inspired by Donkey Kong, a franchise of video games series that features the adventures of a large ape called Donkey Kong, created by Shigeru Miyamoto.
The Floating world

The floating world or Ukiyo-e in Japanese is a genre style of painting and printmaking developed in the olden Japan referring to the transient pleasures and freedom from the concerns of everyday world.
Created with traditional brushes, sumi-e ink and photoshop

Random personal and commercial works.

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William Chua
illustrator LionCity, Singapore