Gear graphic | Bubble

I'm fascinated by all forms of movement. When I look back upon the process of expression in my graphics I can see that at first I was impressed by pictures which could move at any moment so I tried to use various painting tools and materials to create a moving image. I marvelled at optical illusions which look like they are really moving and later I enjoyed creating moving pictures by the animation of film and video. Finally, I learned to cause contingency true motion. And now, I'm trying to express this not only digitally but also in reality.
A gear turns on its axle. I draw a picture on the canvas of the aggregate made by the cogs as they come together. If one moves, the picture will collapse, and another picture will be formed. We can caluculate that the picture will return sometime but we can't calculate this probability. This means that we can't reproduce a natural phenomenon like this in a digtal format. This work was a good study of continually-changing graphics.

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Yuki Fukuda
Freelance Graphic Designer ???, Japan