The Illustrated Volume Of Japanese Folklore Creatures is an ongoing personal project that I created for fun.
The aim is to create as many Japanese folklore characters and creatures that have existed in Japanese tales.
To make the characters and creatures interesting, I decided to create them in a dark cyberpunk theme.

Ashinagatenaga are a pair of yokai in Japanese folklore.
One, Ashinaga-jin, has extremely long legs, while the other, Tenaga-jin, has extremely long arms.
A man was fishing by the seashore on a clear, moonlit night, when he spots a figure with about 2.7 meters long legs roaming around on the beach. Shortly after, the weather turns bad and begins to rain heavily. The man's servant then informs him that they had just seen an ashinaga, and that sightings of this yokai always brought bad changes in weather.

The end result is not a pair but a one whole version of the yokai.

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Yuta Abe Shimpo
Freelance concept artist Japan