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Various Logo Designs I have done.
Branding for Green Energy Promotions. www.greenenergypromotions.com
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MindTrix Logo
A Brand and Logo Design, for an apparel company designing clothing from patterns from the Mid-Century made with modern eco friendly fabrics.
Chrarita Salsa Logo created for Charita Foods
Charita Labels,
WreathPop Logo Design.
Wreath Pop business card design
WreathPop Branding
Twisted Motorsports business card design II
Twisted Motorsports Branding
Twisted Motorsports business card design
Initial logo design for a trucking company NC Logistics
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Logo Designed fora company called Makor,
Logo Design & Branding

Various Logos & Branding Design.

Freelance, Full-time
Zachariah Crawford
Brand Creative San Diego, CA