Brief Introduction: I began communicating what I saw in the world at a young age and haven’t stopped since. When I create, I think of my method as a science and my final product as the art. My work normally takes an architectural-craft in origin but ranges in style often combining traditional and contemporary themes. The mediums it operates in vary from traditional-media, models, prototypes, or digital concepts. I gain inspiration from capturing information, emotion and energy in shapes, angles, and composition. I identify as a graphic designer, industrial designer, and creative artisan. ============================================================================== Bio: My fascination for creating came about at a very young age and was inspired through my curiosity with nature, insects, automation, and digital media. A very influential catalyst that I contribute to this fascination from my past was derived from the design mechanics behind SEGA title’s, “Sonic the Hedgehog” and how those themes often involved hints of these. I began communicating what I saw in the world around me around age 4 and haven’t stopped since. Since then, my professional artistic background dates back to my sixth grade year in middle school where I was enrolled in magnet programs up through high school. Namely those schools were Sudbrook Magnet middle school and George Washington Carver Center for the Arts & Technology in Towson, Maryland. When I create, I think of my method as a science and my final product as art. My work normally takes an architectural-craft in origin and ranges from any variety of hand-drawn illustrations, paintings, digital sketches, user interface design, graphic design, industrial design, or mechanical engineering concepts. I often liken my themes of each of my works to being inspired through insects in some way or another even though they are not intentionally obvious in many ways. Symbolically, my fine art work often communicates a metamorphosis (metaphorically or literally); And my industrial design and mechanical work often is meant to further "metamorphose" human interactions with technology around them.

Work Samples

  • Metamorphosis no.1

  • BEELOFT packaging design

  • The Breakdown: The craft of a Digital Product

Work History

  • Graphic Designer

    - Digital & print-ready designs for ad campaigns,
    events, website assets, booklets & more.
    - Communicate ideas articulately to directors and external clientele.
    - Work with style guides & aesthetics native to the Greater Atlanta area business environment.
    - Mastery of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Sketchbook Pro & more.

  • Freelance Graphic & Industrial Designer

    Responsible for guiding projects from start to finish through my design & business practice. Work generated is for a vast variety of clientele seeking any series design work ranging from Graphic, Industrial, or User-Experience designs. Business structure, timelines, pay rates, research & development are also handled through my dual-position as project manager & designer.

  • Lead Vehicular Designer

    • Private Contractor
    • Atlanta, GA
    • Feb 2015 - Nov 2015 (9 months)

    Responsible for a wide variety of roles in the development of a low-speed, 4 passenger UTV. Roles included transforming the client’s idea into visual concept art. From concept art, market-based research & development was performed prior to revisions to the design. 3D 1-1 scale rendering and schematic work was then performed with modelling programs. Abilities to communicate ideas and designs to team members are commonly employed.

  • Seasonal Contract Merchandise Designer

    Responsible for concept mock-ups designs to 2015 apparel to Rocketjump Studios in L.A. California. Rocketjump is an award winning digital media production studio with over 7.5 million Youtube subscribers and over 1 billion views on their video content. Current project involves merchandise development for “Videogame High school”, critically acclaimed series by Rocketjump featured on Hulu.

  • Graphic Designer

    • Southern Polytechnic State University
    • Marietta, GA
    • Jun 2013 - Dec 2014 (1 year 6 months)

    Design lead for digital, advertising, & web graphics used by Southern Polytechnic State University.
    Graphics were generated via the Adobe Master suite collection. Needs for advertisement, promotion, & presentations for the University’s student learners program-initiatives were communicated from the department director to me. I was then responsible for replying to RFI’s & RFP’s along with converting concepts into tangible products (material & digital). In addition, delegating & communicating with 3rd parties to perform manufacturing processes was a necessary and common task required by my position, of which was carried out effectively.


  • Southern Polytechnic State University

    • Bachelors of Arts New Media Arts
    • 2010 - 2015

    Visual design, Graphic Design. Undergraduate Studies Digital Art, New Media Arts



-National Society of Leadership & Success -Southern Polytechnic State University -Politecnico di Milano


Awards & Honorable Mentions: - (2014) Formally extended an invitation to attend Politecnico di Milano's MSc. program for Design & Engineering. World ranked top 50 Art & Design Schools. - (2014) Nominated as a featured designer on Coroflot (in affiliation with Core77). - (2014) Artwork featured within HOK Atlanta, auctioned off for The JSSF...
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