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Smoking is an addiction. - Guerilla tactics with this one. A guy (looking like a drug addict) nervously asks people for a cigarette in the proximity of the area where poster/billboard is visible. After experiencing such a moment that will surely leave a bad taste, one is presented with this poster/billboard a few meters from "the guy". With that bad taste still very strong and the view at the
poster presented to the viewer, I hope one will question himself and his addiction.
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Earth Vs. Humans - This one is about earth preservation and self awarness.
Two men body painted like on picture arguing loudly on the street. The argue itself must not be too agressive but more as dialog from a theatre play. One is debating on Earth's natural resources and the other is exaggerating on the need for oil etc.
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Dirty money - Altered money (in this case, american dollar) to be thrown away in the streets around April 22nd (The Earth day) to remind people that it's not that hard to make a difference and help. The other side will be provided with an efficient and easy way how to change. Total of 11 suggestions like solar water heating or simple recycling, lighting solutions will be provided on the other side of the dollar.
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Greed is need - Increase of wealth increases our desires.
And he, who least possesses, least requires.
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Zagreb - Zagreb, we had our ups and downs but it always treated me right, it provided almost everything I ever needed and now it's my turn to give back. The idea was to make a promotional poster that everyone will enjoy. Those living in Zagreb or some that have visited Zagreb might have a bit more fun recognizing and discovering new parts of town every time they see the poster. To those that have not been to Zagreb, poster should initiate curiosity and encouragement to visit it some day.
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Domestic violence - Print concept for a campaign against domestic violence.
The idea is to make a poster that will hold a "Do not disturb" sign which can easily be removed from poster with a instruction to put the sign on the doors of people you know are being abused. The sign itself would hold more contact info.
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Part of statistics - More than 500 people annually die on roads in Croatia. DON'T BE A PART OF THAT STATISTIC!

Label: Father of four
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Celebrate similarities! - Idea behind this concept is to literally celebrate, share and smile at our similarities, small things we all do.
Have you ever laughed in the most inappropriate moment for no particular reason...or waved to someone just to realize it's not the person you thought it was? Yeah, me too :)
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Pictionary - pocket version - Have you ever been out with your friends, having a barbecue, enjoying a warm summer breeze and thought about playing pictionary but noone took it because the box is too big?

Well we have a solution!
Imagine a playing card sized box with all the neccessary things to enjoy a good game of Pictionary which you can carry around in your pocket.
From now on you don’t have to worry about the game, because it will always be within your reach.
“Instead of asking questions...draw the answers!”

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