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Email: genekeithw@aol.com ronin2033@aol.com http://geno-walker.artistwebsites.com/ http://362713.spreadshirt.com/ http://www.amazon.com/Off-World-Man-Gordon-Marcus-ebook/dp/B004YQDGSY GENE KEITH WALKER (Geno) PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY A Self Taught Mechanical and Industrial Designer and Conceptual Artist, specializing in creative design solutions. Author of the design engineering white paper, Formula One Geometry in Human Powered Land Vehicle Design; 20+ years of research into carbon fiber Forward Prone Position Speedframe Design and Construction. Author of The OFF-WORLD Man, a military science fiction novel trilogy based on decades of research into the military aerospace community. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY September 1987 to Present Self-Employed Product Designer, Type One Technology Researcher and Science Fiction Writer EDUCATION I was accepted at the Art Center College of Design 1987. However I was unable to attend due to financial hardship. I am self educated, still hoping to go back to college one day, and looking into scholarship consideration or an Angel investor to fund a design studio and various business partnership ventures. Just imagine how far I would gone. I would have had a productive, rewarding career as a product and transportation designer. This portfolio is a limited archive of my concepts on product, transportation and architectural design. I was born to be an industrial designer. The creative process is my life. I would have become a professor and made a difference in the lives of design students. Now it is too late to make a difference. Perhaps in the next incarnation. The lesson to be learned here is to never give up on pursuing one's career dreams and goals. 2006 Career Center, New York, NY. A+, Network + Administration training, and Computer Graphics training 1985 New York Institute of Technology, New York, NY. Design and Marketing ARTIFACTS of the FUTURE This archive of drawings and sketches are an indication of where my training ended, much too soon. I was not born to abundant financial means or resources, nor was I willing to follow other options such as the Montgomery G.I. Bill while I was still young and able. So my quest to become an industrial design engineer ended abruptly in 1988. I have continued to follow the related fields for decades. Thirty years have passed, along with any realistic chance to make a living or a real contribution to the field of industrial design, but the desire get that education never went away. I wrote the whitepapers Formula One Geometry in Human Powered Land Vehicle Design and Higher Education 2050 out of frustration. In 2007 I began studying novel writing and began the industrial design themed novella series The Off-World Man: A Gordon Marcus Parks Novel. The Off-World Man Trilogy will be complete by 2016. In the novella series, I predict near-future product and transportation, what I term artifacts of the future. I placed the storyline a mere 30 to 40 years into the future, knowing full well that many of the concepts will not be available to the everyday consumer for at least 100 years. The OM Trilogy was the only way I could contribute to the continuum of professional industrial designers and mechanical engineers and students fortunate enough the pursue a career in those fields, dedicated to envisioning artifacts of the future. I hope you realize that you are priests of the purest of all creative processes. Priests of Creation. You are trained to tap into that solution oriented process at will. And realize that your works enhance and advance the human condition with every new innovation in materials and function. You can make a real difference in such far flung fields as medical science, transportation and aerospace, consumer products and emerging technology. You have no idea how truly blessed you are. I wish that I could have been so blessed. G.K. Walker


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