After 25 years gaining experience in the Dutch footwear-industry I started to develop and sell my own collection in 2004 with the help of my friends in shoebuisiness. This cöoperation came to glory with the typical Dutch Design shoes you see on my webpage End 2011, I took part in a strong and very capable team an we build, design and devellop the complete footwear collections in a company of the ARA-group in Germany. In 2013 I was transferred to Gortz where I did sourcing for new factories, established new production and devellop mission-statements and collections for Belmondo, BRAX, Wellensteyn and several housebrands. We work in China, India, Italy and Portugal. Lots of actory-owners know me for a long time and that makes working far away from home a pleasure.

Work Samples

  • GAASTRA SS-2011 - AW2013

  • MARUTI - SS2012

  • Indian Eagle - Private Label SS-2012

Work History

  • Dress Casual Sportive


    Gaastra_ * sportive fashion forward * research (info-tour/WGSN) sourcing/working factories (Asia/Portugal) design and development of collection Ladies & Kids

    • UK ** Sportswear brand * Research

    Rucanor ** Sportswear brand * Research source design and develop seasonal collections Yellow Cab ** Casual brand * Research source design and develop seasonal collections Hi-Tech source, design and presentation trends Hester Vlamings - own collection*Design/Developer/Sales * Design brand, no fashion * Produ- ced in Portugal * AMFI Teaching footweardesign & product management

  • Design Manager * Managed design & product develop

    • Napolina / Jimmy Joy
    • Kaatsheuvel, United States

    ment for women's & kids comfort shoes and special sizes * Refreshed the target group with a new image and strategy * Successfully developed branded line with an appeal to specialty boutiques and high end retailers * Production trips to Spain & Italy. * Invented new footwear technology based on traditional ones.

  • Developer / Product Developer * Redefined the collections of Adams Boots

    • UFA United Footwear Association

    Leimuiden (MAG - Adam's Boots - Marlboro) Concept, Marlboro Classics & Mag * Designed, developed and sourced all categories of fashionable comfort Footwear * Sole- & last development, handcrafted. * Production trips to Spain

    • 10/3 Cloud Dancer 11-4201 TPX
    • Present

    1305 TPX metal buckle 20 mm dull silver metal eylet 25 mm ΓΈ dull silver Normal stitching '30/3 matching to upper Heavy stitching Zigzag stitching eyestay '10/3 Cloud Dancer 11-4201 TPX 30 mm wide Zigzag stitching heel '10/3 Cloud Dancer 11-4201 TPX Lining Pigskin: Cloud Dancer 11-4201 TPX Lining insock Pigskin: Cloud Dancer 11-4201 TPX

    • UPDATE
    • STRA, United States

    AA Gaastr G 9 cm Designer Hester Vlamings GAASTRA FOOTWEAR HESTER VLAMINGS design management production F O O T W E A R HESTER VLAMINGS design management production F O O T W E A R

  • Assistant Line Builder

    • Dijkmans
    • Waalwijk, United States

    Bronx for Branded Division * Assisted line builder with seasonal designs, sketches and colour boards * Created individualized line sheets and detailed specifications for high end retailers * Production trips to Italy

    • Freelance designer. Gained experience

    * ZOO, Dr. Martens, Trend design, Memo, Bad Boys, McGregor, Sacha, Cinderella, Shoeba- loo, Catja, Tiramisu, Fred de la Bretoniere Accomplishments * SEM - supports starting young fashion designers, member of board * SLEM - Shoes & Leather Business association, member of board *

    • Fashion Centre Nieuwegein - input Young Fashion

    * Teaching footwear design HESTER VLAMINGS design management production F O O T W E A R FALL WINTER 2012 2013 FOOTWEAR PROGNOSE BOARD NEW & NEW & COMMERCIAL NOT COMMERCIAL 10% new devellopment 20% predicted fashion 30% 30% actual fashion SAME 2-TONE actual fashion AS BLUE TWEED COAT 40% NICE SOLE commercial basics ICONIC THE NEXT HYPE . OK, UGLY! BUT WILL SELL LIKE HELL Iconic footwear -strong, simple, comfort, image -will be copied as hell TIE 'N DIE -started as 10% new devellopment DISCO -takes 5 year to grow as a 'classic' one SNEAKER chuck tailor/ roots/uggs/croscs/ etc. . TRANSLATE ! IN G-SUS 40% commercial basics FALL WINTER 2012 2013 example idea HESTER VLAMINGS design management production F O O T W E A R HAND SKECHES HESTER VLAMINGS design management production F O O T W E A R Bestseller 1997 Mag Megamocs -copied like hell Bestseller 2003 Hub Footwear Bestseller 2011 Gaastra Footwear "the Knot" Knot-detail is copied by ao: -Tommy Hilfiger -Gant HESTER VLAMINGS design management production F O O T W E A R DRAWING ON A LAST SAMPLECARD Factory (TURKIJE) Development nr. Season Zomer 2010 Date Article nr. 0 Last AURA Sizerange width E-G-H Combi A Combi B Combi C Combi D Code BLACK BROWN BORDO TAUPE Upper 1 Bruchiato Black sevimli Bruchiato 2100 Parelmoer 37 )lisa Tucci Carcalhos cristallino776 Upper 2 Upper 3 Upper 4 Upper 5 Upper 6 Lining Silver Silver Silver Silver Footbedlining Silver Silver Silver Silver Footbed Insole Backcounter Stitching nr. tst tst tst tst Heavy stitching A nr. Heavy stitching B nr. Sole A Prefabricated into smart Sole B Heel S404 30 878 Black S404 30 878 Black S404 30 878 Black S404 30 878 Black Sole C Sole D Eyelets

    • Buckle
    • Waalwijk, United States

    Oxidade Old Gold Silver Silver Lace Velcro tst tst tst tst Ornaments Branding footbed Livingstone stamp Black Black Black Black Branding upper Branding upper Remarks Samplerequest PIECE / SIZE WIDTH HESTER VLAMINGS HERBST/WINTER 2013/14 design management production 2012-10-24 Sole O T W F O design E A R design 1 SA

  • HERBST/WINTER 2013/14

    • ER
    • ND

    Sole design B Drop in Line design 1 A 2 mm 2 mm SA ALLA AMMA A ND DEER R B HESTER VLAMINGS design management production F O O T W E A R OF 4 PAGE 1 Footwear Product Range - Spring Summer 2012 PHASE 1ST SAMPLE LAST Walk in the Park SIZE 38 - Upper material 1 leather Plaza Taupe

  • Goertz.de_ * Head-of-Design * Sourcing factories Asia/Portugal/Italy


    troubleshooting, buisiness-devellopment, brand-devellopment, range-building, design.

    • SA
    • MA
    • Outsole
    • Sand, United States
    • Present

    - 1334 TPX DNA logo the Park GAASTRA DNA heel webbing 1o mm x 10 mm + zig-zag: Cloud Dancer 11-4201 TPX 10 mm 12 stitches per inch

  • 1154 TPX

    • 11-4201 TPX
    • Present
    • 1305 TPX
    • Present

    • TPX Cloud Dancer
    • Present



  • Academy of Arts Arnhem which was sold

    • trade
    • 2009
  • not provided

    • Internship Cinderella
    • 1989