I have a Game Art Degree at DeMontfort University and a keen interest in 3D modeling, texturing and rigging using 3Ds Max and Photoshop. Actively seeking full-time employment at a video games company or other related work. I'm familiar with Conceptualizing, Modeling and Texturing models. I've been taught traditional art skills and am enthusiastic towards embracing any style. I help manage a Video Games store which proves I am hardworking, trustworthy and not afraid to take responsibility.

Work Samples

  • 2D Art

  • Pagani Zonda and other 3D vehicles

  • 3D Street and Shop Project

Work History

I have completed a Game Art Design Degree at DeMontfort University and achieved my award. Where I worked to professional briefs, followed industry standard methods and used traditional art methods; including Life Drawing and 3D Modelling. I used a wide array of tools including 3Ds Max and Photoshop. I can rig models to a good standard; for example: I can model a 3D person and rig them to walk in a convincingly human way. I enjoy modelling vehicles and environment objects to a high standard. I always try to make my models as few triangles as possible to improve frame rate in my personal constructed levels. I modelled a steam train in under 5000 tris and a truck in under 9000 as an example of this. I am skilled in creating procedural textures for the same situations to match the particular environment. I have many ideas for how I wish the games industry to move forwards, I have played a vast selection of games ranging from my favourite game "Baldur's Gate 2 (PC)" to console games including the latest "Red Faction 3" and a huge admirer of FPS games namely "Call of Duty 4", "Doom" and many more. This helps me see what has gone before and give me clear ideas for how to improve games for the better. I don't believe the story of the game should be told by the narrative alone but should be deeply embedded into every object. Just like in Baldur's Gate 2 where wherever you went every place told a story, every item was detailed and rich with imagination. I have had extensive experience with game engines namely the Unreal 3 Engine where I created a game level entirely by myself based on a street and a shop. During my time at University I took the opportunity to work on a Professional Project for The Serious Games Institute in Coventry where I produced a scale model of the parking lot surrounding the Serious Games Institute. I followed a brief and produced a professional piece which was to be accepted and submitted for use in the main project.


DeMontfort University



DeMontfort University


Game Art Degree (hons) Community Sports Leaders Award