Italian architect, specialising in retail-display and interior design, experienced project manager in the field. Design is a challenge and a good designer has to find the best match among lots of details, ideas, concepts, needs, requirements, functions, cultural and trend hints, aesthetic aspects, brand strategy, budget restrictions, timing, technologies; from scratch to the final product, succeeding in this is like winning a race: it gives you adrenaline and satisfaction, no matter what product is, from a spoon to a city. Career opportunities finally brought me towards retail and display design, which are the sum of functionality and beauty, branding and marketing effectiveness, and in which “on time and cost” is a very must. Project management, which I have been in charge of in the last eight years, represents for me the completion of my professional profile: it is the privileged point of view and control of the whole project. Interior design is my other passion, the discipline in which customisation, functionality, beauty and comfort come together. Also a residential interior is treated as an exhibition space, as it represents the owners personality and is often displayed as "personal branding". I strongly believe in functional innovation of the residential spaces as well: technology radically changed our habits and thus our living spaces. Dimensions and geometry of our homes are affected by this and the interior designer, in my opinion, is the professional who can lead you through the jungle of new materials, products and systems, so to make this change an effective improvement of your lifestyle.


2014-2015 Member of DIA as Exhibition and Display Designer

Experience & Education