My Name is Victor James Toro and I am a Design II at New Balance, Boston. I spend most of my days working on the "Elite Edition" Collection every season, in addition to other key and core 574, 501 and 565 projects for both the US markets and EMEA. I am also an Illustrator in my free time and work on my own webcomic and printed comics to keep up to speed with my print design background. My illustration skills have been useful at New Balance for supporting my daily projects, and also for the pursuit of fun side projects like book covers and character designs. In my spare time I LOVE to draw, play video games, cook, buy art books, and just enjoy the simple things in life. I feel I can find inspiration in anything and with enough concentration and the right music, I can put it to use.

Work Samples

  • Elite Edition

  • Toro Comics

  • Propaganda

Work History

Current Duties at New Balance Design Work: -Elite Edition: Starting in Spring 2013 I have worked on the New Balance Elite Edition. My job is to come up with new and exciting colors as well as Story Themes and Material Combos each season. The goal of the project is to work as if we were doing an Internal Collab vs one done with an outside company. -Color Updates: Each season I work on existing classic styles such as ML/WL574, MRL574, ML/WL565 ML/WL501, ML525, ML999, ML1500, CM1600, MT580. -New Designs: In the past 4 years I've been able to work on new upper designs such as the ML/WL446 and MRL574. With those projects came working with new materials, new construction, tape-ups, pattern revisions, and tooling design. -Tooling/Outsole Design: I've worked on the unit for the MRL574 from the Sketch Phase all the way through to a completed design that is now on the market. This included working with and editing CAD files in Illustrator to make any changes needed before a final design was cut in metal. -Material updates and changes based on seasonal themes or pushing design with both new materials on existing styles and colors as well. These styles are the same styles I've worked on doing color-ups on. -Illustration: From my first year till now I've worked on Illustrations that have been directly connected with my projects to also doing support materials for said projects as well. I've done a Poster in my spare time for the New Balancex686 Launch Party for Concepts. Worked on Spot Illustrations for Footbeds on WL460 and ML525 Mardi Gras Collection and WL460 Valentine's Day Collection. I also have a few Poster Designs that will be hitting the market in the next few seasons of Fall and Winter 2013. -Theme boards: I do these to show how existing styles can be pushed forward using a mixture of images, writing, research into new themes and concept sketches/Illustrator/Photoshop images to show my new ideas. -Public Speaking: Every season I go through designs and concepts with the entire team. I speak in front of Development, Marketing, International, Department Managers, and C.E.O. each season to express my ideas for possible collections. -Factory Contact: I keep contact with our factories on projects I send directly to Factory Window Contacts. I send them Illustrator files, Color and Material call outs, and make any changes needed as they come up. Some changes include swapping out materials due to cost, failing standards, lead time issues, or color crocking issues. -Costing: When materials fail to meet an FOB I work with Marketing and Development to help reduce costs so that projects hit their target. __________________________________________ Work History & Duties: New balance: Aug 08 - Current Lifestyle Visual Prototype Designer / Lifestyle Inline Footwear Designer Duties: Currently work on Inline and SMU product on the New Balance Lifestyle Team / Adding fresh new colors to existing material packages every season for both US and EMEA markets / Using new materials on existing and bring back styles to updated for current market trends / Redesigning existing styles / Creating new styles from concept to finish / Sketch new uppers and outsoles / Design new logos and possible marketing materials to help with understanding product / Present new concepts and ideas to keep existing and older styles fresh / Maintain a working relationship with factories overseas / Meet with material vendors and build a working relationship with them / Aid development and marketing teams to build products that move the company forward / Maintain data base of current and past projects Fila USA: Apr 03 - Jul 08 Footwear Color Designer / Graphic Designer Duties: Worked on colors and materials on new and existing styles across the spectrum of Fila 's product / Revised patterns to make new material breaks for patterns / Added new colors to existing styles designed by senior designers / Changed materials on styles every season to keep styles updated / Shot product photography and edited photos for Fila seasonal catalog and website / Worked on SMU and Inline Products / Worked with development and marketing each season on new products / Designed catalogs used by sales force / Created illustrations to be used on product uppers and insoles Education: The Art Institutes of York PA Associate Degree in Graphic Design, June 2000 Skills: Footwear Design: Concept sketching / Upper and Outsole design / Working with TPX and CSI colors / Using materials, fashion trends, and market research to develop and push designs for niche, regional, and international markets / Able to use Photoshop and Illustrator to create visual prototypes used for marketing and development purposes Illustration: Extensive skill with pen and ink, pencils, colored pencils, acrylic, collage, and marker / Ability to change styles to match impressionist, realistic and cartoon art / Well versed with charcoal, pastel, and computer coloring / Computer illustration / Comic layout and design Graphic Design: Constructing page layouts with images and type or type alone / Using innovative concepts to create fresh logo, and poster design Web Design: Basic Knowledge of HTML / Able to use Dreamweaver to construct basic functional websites Computer: Illustrator CS5.5 / Photoshop CS5.5 / Dreamweaver 5.5 / Indesign 5.5 / Acrobat / Word / Excel (Limited; can read and edit some files) / File management skills / Operating systems include OSX and Windows


  • The Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania

    • Associates Graphic Design
    • 1998 - 2000

    +Computer training on Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and other OS 9 systems used at the time of Study +Illustration +Basic Web Design +Hand made layouts and comps +Public Speaking +Creative Writing +Design History +Portfolio Development