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A sneak-peak render of the OPUS Design Award update...
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The Curve glasses feature a twisting mechanism within the frame, to allow for alterations in the angle of the lens. Tweaking the lens can allow you to read a magazine or novel without the need to crane your neck in an awkward position. Integrating this with a clever use of smart materials, curve proves to be a very functional, yet easy-to use, pair of glasses. The simplistic addition of curves and sharp lines gives these glasses both a natural look whilst boasting modern, elegant beauty.
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A clever use of materials was integral to the design of the Curve glasses. One such material was Trivex. Trivex protects the user from harmful UV rays, has a high impact resistance and has superior optical qualities. Due to the lack of framing on this design, Trivex was also chosen for its manufacturability and machining qualities. This trivex lens has also been coated in a hydrophobic film, suppressing such issues as; steaming, water staining and cleaning of the lens.

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