I am a digital producer/project manager with 6 years of experience producing award winning digital experiences! My production time was preceded by 5 years of operations management experience. Over the last 6 years I have managed a wide variety of projects ranging in size, scale and complexity. I have also spent 1.5 years managing a portfolio of 2-3 project managers where I oversaw projects and led a projects team. I have successfully managed a variety of projects from 10k- 500k. From simple single-market executions to complex multi-market deployments in 10+ cities simultaneously, I am incredibly versatile. I am comfortable working with a range of project timelines and have a great amount of experience fast-tracking projects successfully without compromising quality. My project management capabilities start from square one in the project lifecycle. In most cases I play a large part in, or lead, the sales process. I see every project from concept/initiation, through design and planning, production, deployment and monitoring to completion without a weak point in the cycle. I ensure success in each project with transparency and honesty to project stakeholders, thorough and flexible planning, comprehensive monitoring and management and by selecting the best team for the project. I have a large network of subject matter experts and suppliers that I can bring into projects as needed. The lifecycle of my projects is dictated via a comprehensive and thorough scope of work. I develop project scope by working closely with stakeholders in order to understand the project objectives and goals- this also helps to identify all project opportunities and constraints. To me, this is one of the most critical processes in order to achieve the level of quality that is expected and to ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget. I have been commended for my account management capabilities and my ability to see business without the blinders on. I focus on project management but understand all other functional business areas and how they intersect with production. I have spent a lot of time over the past 10 years learning all areas of business and how each area is important both respectively and collectively. I bring a broad knowledge of business to project management. I manage budgets well and provide financial transparency to all stakeholders. I ensure that I am always breathing the vision and culture of the company I am working for. I follow standard HR principles and ethics and I always look for a chance to create more business and find new sales opportunities.

Experience & Education