I am an all-round designer who has comprehensive mind and perceptive feeling, specialising in product design and design management.

Work Samples

  • MA Product Design

  • Product Design at Work - Mass production

  • BA Product Design

Work History

Name: Viki Chuang Gender: Female Email: Chi_c17@yahoo.com ..EMPLOYMENT.. January 2008 - October 2009 inpeta, Taipei, Taiwan. http://www.inpeta.com/ Product planner / ID Designer. Full time ?Market setting, Product lines orientating, Project planning In charge of each plan for all product lines. From market setting, product lines orienting, function segmenting, style/design element establishing; to souvenir planning and packaging concept design. ?Concept development, Product design Carry on the plan made in the previous stage, continuing the product development by integrating technical functionality and design elements; Visualising design concepts through sketches, models and 2D/3D computer rendering. Drawing up schedules and controlling the timelines for each product line; Cooperating with team members and other departments; Surveying and also collaborating with suppliers. ?Innovative UI concept development Analysing the user need; Developing the process and information flow through action tree flowchart; Creating a new communication system that is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to user needs; Drawing up the concept of Innovative user Interaction design ?The experience of design team’s integration and management (The design team consists of Product, Graphic, Web, and UI design four categories.) Have a chance to learn about the Integrated management through integrating the four design categories, arranging their collaboration, planning the design processes, and monitoring the schedule. February 2003 - November 2005: Accton, HsinChu Science Park, Taiwan. ID Designer / Mechanical Engineer ?Product design, Mechanical design Products included: Ethernet Switch (standalone, WDM Fibre Optics), Router, Gateway, Wireless Personal Gateway, Wireless AP(access point), Wireless USB, Wi-Fi Mobile ?Project Management From conception, development, sample run, to production and quality control. Monitoring projects?schedule, working with team members and other departments, communicating with suppliers and customers. ?Knowledge of Production Material properties, hard tooling, plastic injection moulding, painting, coating, assembling July - August 1998 SAMPO Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan. ID Designer. Placement ?Graphic design ?Product design Market research, trend analysis, concept creation for digital camera and television. ..EDUCATION.. 2006-2007 Nottingham Trent University. UK. MA Product Design. 2001-2002 National Cheng Kung University. Taiwan. MS Industrial Design. 1996-2000 National Cheng Kung University. Taiwan. BA Industrial Design. ..SKILLS.. ?Computer: Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, 3D Max, Cinema 4D, AutoCAD, Photoshop, CorelDraw, illustrator ?Design: Market research, Trend analysis, Cognitive design, Human factors engineering, Strategic design planning, Design evaluation and decision making ?Language: Fluent Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English. ..PROFILE.. I am an all-round designer who has comprehensive mind and perceptive feeling. I can solve problems in a logical and practical way as well as design in a sensible and creative manner with self-motivated manner. Optimistic, adventurous, curious for unknown things and are willing to try them. Keen on travel since and also active in sport which includes basketball, cycling, jogging, and mountain climbing.


Nottingham Trent University, School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment