Visual arts, illustrations, graphic design, awesomeness.

Work Samples

  • Posters / Flyers / Promo Stuff

  • Pop Art

  • Lowbrow - StreetArt - Sketches

Work History

Visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Hailing from Croatia, but a citizen of the world and adventurer. I'm constantly fascinated by comic books, cartoons, toy design and packaging, LP cover art and innovative web sites. Classic movie posters, old sci-fi mags, pin-ups, cold war propaganda and advertisements of yesteryear are also a big source of inspiration. Primarily I do illustrations, poster and T-shirt design, promotional material for bands and concerts, as well as computer design. Love making pop surrealism paintings, pop art posters and street art stickers. My credo is - make it cool. Whether its illustrating, painting or graphic design, it has to have a cool vibe to it and grab your attention immediately.


Algebra College & Cognita E-Learning LMS