Professional Nerd Artist. Illustrator and graphic designer, forever in love with creating posters, original apparel and pop art. Copy and content writer, pop culture expert and creative teacher. Art and entertainment specialist. My credo is: Make it cool. Whatever you're making, it has to have a cool vibe and grab the attention of your audience immediately. I have more than ten years of experience in art, media and entertainment. My work was featured at exhibitions, art festivals and publications domestically, as well as internationally, in America and the United Kingdom. The way I see it, you should love your work, live for your work and love your life: such an approach guarantees fulfillment, and most importantly, quality. I am always studying, growing and creating through the sharing of knowledge. Currently based in Croatia, with an ultimate goal of settling down in New York, the West Coast or London. If it was up to me, the weather would always be like in September and every day would be like a John Hughes movie. We can create amazing things when we work together. - Cartoonist and graphic designer, from pencils and ink to digital art. - Custom typeface creator. - Writer: creative, content and copy. Currently growing into screenwriting. - Photoshop expert, master photo manipulator, Canon enthusiast, analog lens fanboy. - Public speaker, performer, MC, commercial actor. - Multilingual cross-platform communicator.

Experience & Education