Hi, I'm DAN. I design playful products, experiences and interactive entertainment at the forefront of technology. I have been driving radical innovation for one of the world's most creative brands, and consulting for various companies large and small. Over the last nine years, I have worked on a broad spectrum of projects and have adapted to many different roles. I love a good challenge and thrive when venturing into the unknown. I am a STRATEGIC INNOVATOR. I apply a Lean Startup process to creative problem solving, turning validated learnings into breakthrough products and services. I am an EXPERIENCE DESIGNER. I use a human-centered approach to create new experiences across products, games, digital media and environments. I am an ARTIST. I visually communicate ideas through sketching, illustration, graphics, branding and product styling. I am a FUTURIST. I explore emerging trends and cutting edge technologies to create a vision for new forms of interactive entertainment of tomorrow. I am a MAKER. I bring ideas to life through 3D modelling, digital prototypes, physical models and getting my hands dirty building things. I am a STORYTELLER. I create user journeys, experiential storyboards, concept videos and design new story IPs to engage users.

Work Samples

  • Character Design

  • Product Design

  • Environmental Design

Work History

  • Senior Concept Designer

    Future Lab functions like a start-up within The LEGO Group to drive radical innovation and invent the future of play. I have designed, visualized and prototyped various "One Reality"​ experiences - bridging physical and digital play - across a variety of technologies, platforms and user types.
    • game design, UI/ UX and story boarding for LEGO Worlds
    • creative strategies for LEGO Star Wars digital marketing campaign
    • concept design and development for the award-winning LEGO Fusion
    • user experience design for emerging technologies
    • prototyping through Unity, 3D modeling and physical model building
    • technology, trend and consumer research for "One Reality" foundation study
    • lead creative brainstorm sessions
    • created new IPs, stories and characters spanning toys, media and games
    • architectural design, spatial planning and furniture design for new office

  • Design Consultant & Dreamer

    • Winger Design
    • Sep 2004 - Present (13 years 3 months)

    Creative services ranging from product design, illustration, graphics, branding, furniture and architecture. Notable projects include:
    • L'Oreal - designed a new line of cosmetics for YouTube star, Michelle Phan
    • BOSE - redesigned the SoundLink speaker to target new women users
    • JT Racing - designed motocross helmets, goggles, gloves, apparel and watches
    • Eastman - designed a new line of cosmetics products leveraging their polymers
    • Stackerware - designed food storage containers successfully funded on Kickstarter
    • Personal Projects - worked on various self-driven projects to learn, develop new skills or to simply capture a fun idea

  • Concept Designer

    Concept Lab is the front-end idea incubator for The LEGO Group, creating innovative play experiences and product lines that are "obviously LEGO, but never seen before"​. Through research, design and strategy, I designed and developed new ways of playing with the LEGO brick that can yield sustainable "Growth Driver" business.
    • product design, illustration and communication for LEGO Super Heroes
    • media research and analysis for LEGO Friends foundation study
    • concept design for LEGO Mixels
    • design, illustration and prototyping of new products and experiences
    • 3D modelling and physical prototyping
    • developed new IPs, themes, stories and charcters
    • user testing and co-creation sessions
    • design and development for a wide variety of projects; including play themes, action figures, games, robotics, educational, preschool and girls.

  • Furniture Designer

    • dTank, Inc.
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Sep 2006 - Apr 2007 (7 months)

    Designed custom furniture systems to fit each client's unique needs- budget, spatial requirements, design aesthetic, user interaction, branding, color and materials.
    • specification of color, materials and manufacturing processes
    • spatial planning and installation floor plans
    • 3D modelling of furniture and interior spaces
    • LEED certification and sustainable materials
    • graphic design of marketing materials for print and web


  • Art Center College of Design

    • Master of Science Industrial Design
    • 2005 - 2008

    MS Scholarship Recipient (2005 - 2008) 3.7 GPA The GradID program was ranked as the number one graduate industrial design program in the nation. At its core, strategic innovation takes a systems-level approach and strives to balance the business, technological and human aspects of any challenge- whether designing a new product, service or business proposal.

  • Iowa State University

    • Bachelor of Architecture Architecture
    • 1998 - 2003

    Graduated with Distinction Semester studying in Rome, Italy (2002) Dean's List (1999-2003) 3.6 GPA



Featured in BusinessWeek's "Twenty-One People Who Will Change Business"