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  • Ammad Mustafa

    Motion Graphic Artist, Compositor.

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My tools of destruction: - Cinema 4D (The Motion Graphics is enhanced by this wicked tool) - After Effects (I still believe its a blessing to mankind, and can change the world.) - 3D Studio Max - Photoshop - Illustrator - Indesign - Flash (that's my ex-girl friend , I left working on it a long time ago). Motion Graphics, Still Graphics, Photography, Illustration, Lyrics Writing, Concept Writing are my passion.

Work Samples

  • Aaj news

  • personal work - era of Creative darkness

Work History

What Motion Artist thinks? Back of mind you always know what you never seems to realize at times! we reach out the possibilities!! making possible by defeating impossible in our mind frame we put some solid objectives and the things that inspires us the most we take a sketch board draw some rough lines to clear our mind what we are really looking for and then we actually throw our all to get that thing done! this is how we get our motion work done!! Work experience with Motion Graphics is 5 years and Over all with graphic design is more than 8 years.


Karachi School of Arts



Sindh board of Technical education, Pakistan


4 years Diploma in Communication Arts. Featured on Coroflot Twice!