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  • Ana Bellido

    Bachelor Fine Arts

    Mexico City, Mexico

Ana Bellido was born into a family of painters in Madrid, Spain. After she finished studying piano and wasn’t allowed to have a crocodile farm she went into Plastic Arts. Before obtaining her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts, in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she made an internship in the HAWK Fachhochschule Grafik-Design. Hildesheim, Germany that encouraged her to focus her creativity in illustration. Decision that, after a period of hard work, developed into several prizes. Since then she shares her time between surviving as a freelance illustrator and working for-with-and-in the cinema world, where she has done storyboards, movie posters and production design. She lives and works both Berlin and Mexico city.

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Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Fine Arts Fachhochschule Grafik Design Hildesheim



Second Prize- Crea Comic- Caja de ahorros del Mediterraneo. 2009, Third Prize- Comic- IV Contest Crea Pozuelo. 2008, Distinction Award- Plastic Art- V Circuit of artist from Madrid. 2008, Distinction Award- Comic- III Contest Crea Pozuelo. Madrid 2007, Third Prize- Photography- III Contest Crea Pozuelo. Madrid. 2007, Accesit- Illustration- Injuve Comic and Illustration Contest. 2006, Fisrt...
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