My name is Anthony Robertson, I am a product designer who has a passion for furniture. Over the last four years I have been developing my design skills, based in Hong Kong and Southern China, I have been leading the design team at United Strangers to create internationally recognized and sold products, from furniture to house-ware items. My furniture style is definitely modern contemporary with a strong emphasis on truth to materials and processes. My works have been exhibited in numerous international trade shows from Las Vegas to Seoul. Originally from Auckland New Zealand, my upbringing has led me to follow a very hands on approach to design, being involved in the entire process, from concept ideation to final product realization to instore marketing/branding. I am currently in creation of my own design studio based Central Auckland.

Work Samples

  • Connect Suite

  • Door Beam collection

Work History

  • Head Designer

    Leading and managing the design team on all design work including furni- ture, product, graphic, packaging and interior work.
    New Conceptual development on all lifestyle products
    Development management with prototyping and production
    Managment and oversee on all sourcing and production
    CAD work and management of all design team 3d drawers for providing detailed technical drawings for factories.
    Full follow through on sampling and development sign offs on all products. Quality control management on all products.
    Management of all marketing and advertising.
    Exhibition and layout design of numerous international exhibitions including Shanghai International trade fair and Las Vegas Market.

  • Furniture Design

    • 5 Horizons
    • Guangzhou, China
    • Jul 2014 - Dec 2015 (1 year 5 months)

    Full furniture collection design.
    Management and oversee on design team for whole process.
    Full oversee and organization of client design meetings with overseas clients.
    Sketches, 3D renders and full technical spec Drawings.
    Sampling and development control.

  • Product Designer

    • HIGOLD
    • Mar 2013 - Mar 2014 (1 year)

    Outdoor furniture design.
    Kitchen hardware design.
    Conceptual sketches for outdoor furniture full collections/kitchen hardware.
    Full 3D renders and technical drawings.
    Intensive material testing and research (wicker).
    Full sampling and prototyping follow through.
    Final product inspections and qaultiy control.
    Creation of full product presentations for international clients.
    Creation of Marketing and advertising material.

  • Furniture Designer

    • LDK Design
    • Guangzhou, China
    • Apr 2010 - Jul 2010 (3 months)

    Design of furniture and home ware goods.
    Conceptual development on all lifestyle products.
    Development management with prototyping and production.
    CAD work providing detailed technical drawings for factories. Packaging design and development.
    Creation of marketing and advertising material for all products.

  • Product Designer

    • Albycon
    • Guangzhou, China
    • Jan 2009 - Feb 2010 (1 year 1 month)

    Design of construction hardware, predominantly for concrete foundations.
    Follow through on manufacturing on all products.
    Live site testing and surveillance.



    • wood finishes

    • Bachelor Product Design
    • 2009 - 2012



Red Dot Design Award - hi gold manufacturing "shenzhou x outdoor furniture"