Creating an exceptional device that appeals to users and clients takes more than just a good idea. It takes a creator – a person who combines artistic appeal with functionality and can convert an exceptional idea into a manufacturable product. Graduate in Industrial Design at Arizona State University, 1994. Most of my design work has been centered in the corporate world, rather than design consultancies. This has allowed me to experience the true meaning of DFx (Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Repair), and the importance of collaborative work between Engineering (ME, EE, Software) and Industrial Design. In designing products, not only does Form Follow Function, but the Human Experience / Interaction, with said device, should play a key role in development of the Form. I was born in the US, but grew up in South America. I believe the experience of living in a third world country has afforded me the ability to design simple, yet functional devices with a human centric vision.


Award - Clear Choice Award, 1997. Best new Beverage Package: The Republic of Tea bottle.



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