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Anemone, is a school design project for Coalesse a division of Steelcase Inc.
The idea of the Anemone Lamp was to create not just a lamp, but also a whole experience during the use. Thinking in the new ways of living, in the new lifestyle, people need time for themselves, they need a space of comfort, a place to develop, inspires creativity and makes your work easier. Anemone gives you the opportunity to go inside, and just do what you do best.
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Anemone is the combination of highly crafted quality materials and use of new technologies like fiber optic to create a complete new atmosphere, functioning not just like a lamp, but as a complete environment to work, inspire and create.
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Anemone optic fiber lights will create a great experience for the user.
Clips are placed in some of the fibers to place documents and make
more dynamic how you work.
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Tablet has a perfect size to place laptops, or simply work or read a
good book.
The power botton is in a comfort possition to turn lights.
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Inspiration is everywhere

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