The Atelier Group is an international conglomerate, each company specializing its own uniquely demanding industry. Our business-minded, brand-oriented, design-driven infrastructure facilitates the activation of nearly any type of business. Our projects range from mass-market consumer goods and boutique luxury products … to architecture and environmental management engineering … to conceptual development for the entertainment industry ... to control systems for the aeronautic, automotive and defense sectors. Ateliersavant is the strategic and creative hub of its conglomerate, the Ateliersavant Group. ATELIERSAVANT Ateliersavant is a global strategy & design agency, composed by highly-skilled individuals comprised of designers, business strategists, engineers, technical developers, marketeers, cinematographers and fine artists poised to deliver a fully-developed representation of a brand to market. We fuse extensive business experience with award-winning, entrepreneurial design savvy to offer a uniquely fluid approach to building brands with executive teams from the Fortune 500, mid-size companies, startups and inventors. We partner with people who are ready to take the lead, cause a stir, support worthy causes, empower their employees and assess company performance in terms of social, environmental as well as financial value. As ambassadors for the discipline of design, we believe that design principles can be applied everywhere and to everything to improve global wellness. Our work creates brands that are focused and attenuated properly to suit their respective markets by fostering and reinforcing an authentic, multi-dimensional, and meaningful connection between a brand and its audience. Very often, both new and existing brands lack a compelling message or a clear vision of the road ahead. Our services include: / Business + Brand Strategy … organizational structure, revenue projection, distribution network, salesforce, target demographics, personality, positioning, marketing, product collection planning / Design + Development … photography video production and photography for advertisements, PR and editorials … product, apparel, footwear & softgoods … interactive platforms (websites, app, OS) ... architecture & interiors … automotive & aerospace … concept illustration for production design and entertainment.


- 'Breakfast at the Telecom foundation' in Paris (France), 2011 - TF1, on the news of the national french main TV network, 2010 - 5Plus Conference at the Géode (Paris, France) 2010 - International Design Biennal of Saint-Etienne (France), 2010 - World Design Capital Seoul (South Korea), 2010

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