As a multi-disciplinary designer, my experiences cover product design, furniture design, web design, interactive design, installation design, animation, exhibition design, graphic design and illustration. I focus on combining creative technologies with products to evoke different physical and virtual experiences, while always keeping my eyes on innovation and practical business solutions. If we don’t value user experience, we can’t find smart solutions. My design philosophy is based on user experience and marketing, and then designing the products that match target group’s demands and needs. Meanwhile, when we are designing something, we should start asking more “why”s and stop asking “what”s. Why would people want to purchase our product. Why is it necessary to build a product for this particular market landscape? Simply, it isn’t possible to derive a good design solution without understanding the experiences of the people you are designing for. You need to become immersed in the experiences of your users. Do what they do. Live where they live. Become sensitive to their needs and pain points. And then the product will have a longer life cycle. It will benefit manufacturing, users and the entire environment. If I am to be given this opportunity, I am determined to learn more about manufacturing and the design processes.


LeNZ award 2nd prize 2010 Milano ISALONI 2010 Best Graduation Design of Academy of Art & Design of Tsinghua University 2010 ‘’Designer of the week’’by Monkee design March 27, 2010 ‘’COROFLOT FEATURE WORKS’’ Mar. 18, 2010

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