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  • Brook Middlecott Banham

    Day tripper

    Detroit, MI

Explorer of possibilities. Design is not only the manifestation of a physical object but a way of thinking. Brook is an entrepreneurial industrial designer with over 10 years of professional design and branding experience. Continually forging new grounds with his entrepreneurial spirit he looks for new and different design approaches to problems. Concept orientated and working mainly in automotive, footwear, product design and branding, he has worked on projects for many Fortune 500 companies including: Audi, Adobe, Daimler Benz, Frog Design, Nike, Volkswagen, Fila, Herman Miller, Delta Sky, BMW, Adidas, Hasbro/ Transformers, General Motors/ Chevrolet, SATA, Mobsteel, Hewlett Packard, Mattel/ Hot Wheels, VW, Victorianox/ Swiss Army, Sony Entertainment, Nike, Phat Farm, Microsoft, Toshiba, Panasonic, Decathlon, Autorama and more. Brook currently helps run Middlecott with his partner Judith. Together along with their team of highly talented partners they create award winning brands and designs from their Downtown Detroit studio. Brook is also the founder of the live design contest, a Fight Club of Design; the Middlecott Sketchbattle Experiment where 'the best sketch wins'. www.middlecott.com Working and living in the US and Europe, Brook has gained valuable international design experience from countries; Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria as well as in China and India. Graduating in 2000 from UKs' Coventry University Transportation Design course, he created a sound foundation from which he has built his design career. More recently Brook has completed grad school from the CCS (College fro Creative Studies) MFA Transport Design program at the top of his class. As well as being named on several US patents as the inventor he has been featured in a number of periodicals and won several design awards like Peugeot Design Competition, Michelin Challenge Design, Car Design News/ General Motors Interactive Design Challenge. Brook has been featured in a number of books, magazines and websites such as Time Magazine, Wired, Edge, MG World, Maxim Fashion, CARR, Car Design News, Car Body Design, Core 77, Jalopnik, Lurning Curves, Concept Kicks, and more. Brook was recently a docent at the 2015 EyesOn Design event. Brooks specialties are rooted in sketching and rendering concepts: art direction, vehicle design, consumer electronics, footwear design, product design, sketching, illustration, concept design, branding, soft goods design. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In-Design , Rhino3D, basic Alias Automotive, Alias Sketch, Alias Sketchbook Pro, Hypershot, Bunkspeed . Brook also has experience with product development in China, Europe, India and the USA.

Work Samples

  • Desktop Speaker System Industrial Design

  • Shelby Cobra re-design Commission

  • VW Polo sneakers

Work History

  • Adjunct Professor

    Part-time teaching Advanced Visual Communication for junior product design undergrad students. Teaching them advanced sketching techniques and utilizing computer to enhance their presentations.

  • Partner/ Designer

    Owner/ partner/ designer of Middlecott design. We specialize in automotive, industrial, graphic/ branding and illustration design. Clients include Hasbro/ Transformers, Delta Airways, Champion spark plugs, Federal Mogul, Audi, and many smaller firms and startups. We also started and run the Middlecott Sketchbattle Experiment, a live automotive sketching contest that runs with the Detroit International Autoshow.

  • Industrial Design

    • Astro Studios
    • San Francisco, CA

    hired to add horspower to the industrial design team I created high-end consumer electronics concepts and designs for Fortune 500 clients.

    • Middlecott Design
    • San Francisco, CA

    successfully completed projects for Mattel/ Hot Wheels, Frog Design, Swiss Army/ Victorianox, Targus and Pentagram Design. Projects includued consumer electronics, shoes, bags and transportation solutions. Skills Design: design management, art direction, sketching, storyboards, illustration, graphics, concept orientated and conceptual mood boards, experience in China and Europe and working with prototypes, fabricators and manufacturing. Technically highly proficient in: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Acrobat Pro. Alias Sketchbook Pro, Alias Sketch, Rhino 3D, Bunkspeed, Hypershot. Basic Knowledge: Alias Automotive, Microsoft: Excel, Power Point, Word Design Awards and Publications 2013: Named as United States US Patent No: D620,095 2012: Featured work in book Learning Curves, Design Sketch Skills by Klara Sjolen and Allan Macdonald 2011: "http://www.cardesignnews.com/site/home/new_cars/display/store4/item248206/" Winner in GM and CDN Interactive Design Competition, "http://www.cardesigncontest.com/entry.php*e=9jg14j6bGiekemKAyA8Jih8uCNjg785H" interiors phase and "http://www.cardesigncontest.com/entry.php*e=junBA8F2BDNFwxEGwHnt9rYxkHbCEiwJ" exterior phase. 2011: Learning Curves, KEEOS Design Books AB, designs and sketches "http://www.designsketching.com/links.php" published 2010: 3D Automotive Modeling, by Andrew Gahen, featured 2x complete designs in two chapters "http://books.google.com/books*id=_VQS1jTnuWMC&pg=PR7&lpg=PR7&dq=3D+Automotive+Modeling, +by+Andrew+Gahan, +banham&source=bl&ots=sGp_mKDlK-&sig=imDNL0ytqp90HxrxGOaOocGxqhA&hl=en&sa=X&ei=P1JRT-fPBoPi0QGc9LXZDQ&ved=0CEMQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false" published 2009: "http://ilikemystyle.net/" I Like My Style, Issue #2, commissioned for a range of fashion-based vehicle illustrations, "http://www.coroflot.com/brook/I-Like-My-Style-Quarterly-cars*keywords=banham&" published

  • part-time VisCom instructor

    • California College for Art (CCA)
    • San Francisco, CA
  • Freelance Industrial Designer

    Adding horsepower to the team.


  • Transport Design: College for Creative Studies

    • MFA
    • 2012
  • Coventry University

    • BA honors Transportation Design
    • 1996 - 2000





General Motors and Car Design News Interactive Design Competition award winner over 5 U.S. Patents CARDESIGNNEWS.COM: 06/07 : MotorStorm EDGE UK: 11/06, MotorStorm TIME: 07/06, p.44, Herman Miller WIRED: 11/05, Pentagram Des CREATIVE REVIEW: 08/05, Pentagram Des Michelin Design Challenge: 2003, finalist displayed work at NAIAS Peugeot Design Contest: '01, finalist