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  • Chuming Liang

    A Birdy Singing Loudly in the Middle of Nowhere

    Shanghai, China

Chuming Liang,a.k.a Popcorn, is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Shanghai, China recently. Looking through her portfolio, you might not be able to classify Chuming's style in a particular type, but you might be able to tell what Chuming is really interested in and good at. Because every work that she created is made of 200% love and hard work. In order to make her personal voice even stronger, Chuming still keep studying and practising her designing and drawing skill.

Work Samples

  • Commercial Packaging Design

  • Ad

  • Illustration

Work History

Education------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2004.SEP-2005.JUL MA Illustration Camberwell College of Art University of the Arts London, the U.K. 2000.SEP-2004.JUL BA Graphic Design Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China Work Experience--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full-time 2008 June - 2010 April Graphic Designer, Virtual Village, Shanghai, China Responsibilities: Packaging Design, Illustration, Product Promotion Design, Cartoon Character Design, Logo Design,web design,email newsletter design 2006 Jan - 2007 July Graphic Designer, KURHN TOY LTD., CO., China Responsibilities: Packaging Design, Illustration, Product Promotion Design, Cartoon Character Design, Logo Design Part-time 2009 June - present Graphic Designer, Edoo Media, China Responsibilities: Magazine Design, Branding, Promo Design 2007 July - present Freelance Illustrator 2007 July - present Found Route121, showcasing my creative handcraft 2006 Nov Assistant Lecturer, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China 2005 Nov Graphic Designer, Purple Rain Creative, London 2004 Oct - 2005 July Illustrator, WEME Press, London 2004 Jan Mascot Designer, Hai Zi Wang Toy Company, China 2003 Jan Intern Designer, Jihua Printing House, China 2001 Summer Assistant Fashion Designer, NBL Fashion Studio, China Client List------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ad Agents: Mccann-Erickson Gz, Jwt Newsun Gz, Saatchi & Saatchi Gz Magazines: Girlfriend-Garden Style, Hope , Baihua, Nanfeng , Huanxi, Packaging Update Publishers: Sh Juvenile & Children’s, Edoo Media Other Firms: Amway, China Mobile, Moffitt Angling, UE Solar


The University of the Arts Camberwell College of Arts, MA Illustration, University of the Arts London



2005 Winner of March, One true brand T-shirt design competition 2003 Excellent Award, Antalis communication and discovery extramural creative competition, China 2002 Finalist Award, Golden calf young Times advertise award, China 2002 Golden winner of AGFA young creatives contest